The Swings of The Top 3 Ladies On Tour

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red-eagle9 says:

With Minjee Lee's tiny backward hip move, I'd like to suggest it might perhaps be a deception caused by the material of her attire stretching briefly at that point. Well, for sure I'm no expert but that's how I would bet. 🙂 Thanks for the analysis of the 3 ladies swings. I appreciate the ladies game because they play the game at a level closer to how I imagine I could play it on a very good day. They tend to hit the fairways more often, I find the guys are strong enough to pound the ball out of the rough on miss hits too often with no significant penalty. I find this to be annoying at times. A 200 yard 9 iron doesn't amuse me much. LOL Thanks for this and I'd like to encourage you to do more analysis of LPGA players swings, many of them are very good in terms of balance, rhythm, effort and results.

jack says:

Great videos! Since my in person lesson I've show dramatic improvement with rotation and
club dynamics. Knowing more about what to do assists with my attempts to be more athletic.
As such perhaps some of your viewers might note that any arm motion is compromised by lack of depth and height in the backswing, creating little if any options for time to get the club
moving more shallow to the path. Since, perhaps all high calaber swings have depth and functional height, maybe you could revisit that issue. Posture as you noted is part of that issue I believe. Thanks and continued success.

catawbasprings1 says:

With the third lady, how does she rotate so fast without leaving a lot of weight on her back foot?

Peter Hammer says:

Great swings, would have liked to see them in normal speed

chubby chequer says:

Great lessons we can learn a lot from this analysis

Youngsun Kim says:

Great lesson. Dont know how to keep knee flexed like Park. Very hard to keep the angle. Would you suggest a drill?

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