27 thoughts on “The TOP 3 Drivers Of 2024 For Budget, Forgiveness AND DISTANCE!

  1. The best budget driver is the one you buy two years after it’s release. I just bought a Mavrik for £195 brand new and a cobra LTDx LS for £210, brand new. We’re all just victims of marketing. I’ll try these two and the one I like least I’ll send back.

  2. For cat 1 golfers it’s got to be the low spin ping LST driver. I’ve got mine fitted with a 45g stiff shaft believe it or not. Super light stiff kylie ping shaft. Forgiveness like a cheat stick & it’s pretty long. The max is far too spinny.

  3. Without doubt for me the best budget and the most forgiving driver has to be the Ping 425, now available new for under £300 and just over £200 for a good condition 2nd hand one

  4. The BRNR is perfect for playing at altitude. Launches high, so it carries forever, & the forgiveness makes the longer drives go straight still. I absolutely love playing mine here in Utah!

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