This Drill Will Fix Your Fat Golf Shots Forever

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This Drill Will Fix Your Fat Golf Shots Forever

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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Henry Yang says:

on my way to home depot

Brian Benko says:

Love this DIY board

Bobby Harris says:

Made one today using a 30” stair tread. Also added some grippy stuff to the underside for stability when landing on hard floor if not on grass

Brandon Barnes says:

Hey Clay!! Great video! I am looking to make one of these. I’m a beginner and don’t really want to spend the money to buy one of these. Can you send me the dimensions?

Ron DeJoseph says:

Been playing for 20 years….NEVER, EVER have I had the notion to shift weight forward in backswing. What a difference.

Go-getter says:

What other tips do you have to control golf shot or even drills for control

Nolan Sanchez says:

This moves ur low point. Why would u do this? 55/45 on left and tilt, turn, and extend around that.

iBearcub says:

after a long day at the range, how do you relieve soreness and tightness on the left hip/hamstring/quad area. You're a boss THANK YOU!!!!!

Daniel Germano says:

The feel that the board gives is UP-DOWN-UP. no sway, just alot of preasure shift and feeling tall and forward at the finish!

Daniel Germano says:

The balance board is the best way to learn a swing. Instant feedback right away!

Efrain Alvarado says:

the foot pegs are they at normal stance or a bit wider?

Derick Davis says:

Excellent video! What is the length of your board?

Al Vermeil says:

Do hit ball using the board?

Mark Barry says:

What are the dimensions of the board?

William Ahlers says:

Clay, thank you for posting these videos. So much of what is taught today mirrors professional players which is ok but fails to connect with the average golfer. Your instruction is really helpful for the rest of us. Thank you for all you do.

Reason 2 Travel says:

What are the dimensions on the board?
And what if I wanted to make one for my 12 year old son. Thx

swardmusic says:

Brought to you by channel 'zen golf mechanics'!

Corek BleedingHollow says:

Oh I thought the weight was supposed to be on the left side the whole swing.

Donald Lee says:

I read in GOLF that using a skateboard under your lead foot & pressing into that on your downswing teaches weight shift. Tried it and flew across the garage. ;-)) I like your idea better.

Mike Song says:

So good ty!

Four Sis says:

Most effective teaching methodology for weight shift. Excellent!

Jimmy Evans says:

I have a question would it be OK for me to hit bawls off the wood plank for should I not do that because I'm too far from the ground . does this question make sense

Dieter Hartloff says:

Sehr gut👍👍👍

WashBrite Power Washing says:

Looking to make one. How long did you make it? Thanks!

Ted Lucio says:

I didn’t make the same tool but followed instruction on weight shift. Great instruction, saw the difference in my swing. Thanks

Ruan Swanepoel says:

This tip helped me immensely !! Thank you

Dan Fernandez says:

This really helped me! I'm actually hitting the ball first!!! I was almost ready to give up on this game, thanks Clay!!

Vim9654 Mitt says:

Why not keep weight on right foot at address it will help to switch back to forward early?

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