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20 thoughts on “YOU NEED TO MAKE THIS SIMPLE TRAINING AID! Better Golf Every Day #1

  1. Wow- thanks, man. I've been working on weight shift (or "re-centering" as it's called by the Athletic Motion Golf guys). For the first time, I understand how this works and how to execute it, but now I need to ingrain it. I wasn't going to spend $125 on a piece of plastic for this. Glad I found your video. I ended up with something super simple – an alignment stick under an old piece of 2X6. Done. Thanks for idea!

  2. Good idea but hes swaying around like hell. Like a kite in a gale wind!! Its preasure, not sway! The hips stay inside the box especially the trail hip or your right knee will colapse from its position. The feel is as you go back you stomp your right foot while getting "taller" , making you keep the pelvis in place.
    your right leg extends a little while your left knee comes in to your right leg. Before you reach the top of the backswing, its a slow lateral weightshift left then you stomp your left foot with the feeling of going up by extentending your left leg. The swing is up. Not around not side to side.
    Its up- down-up! The hips REACT to your leg work which then react to your feet.
    You dont turn hips. Your hips turn due to the action of the feet and legs! The board is very usefull i like it very much as a training aid. BUT DO IT PROPERLY.
    Drive them long and strait cheers!

  3. I encourage everyone to visit the ZEN Golf Mechanic channel and let Marcus Bell explain it to you. While this guy has good intentions his board and his explanation will probably harm you. In fact that big sway he is doing is the opposite of what Marcus wants you to do.

  4. Just assembled a board myself and bought an air cushion for the left feet like on zen golf. Have you discovered any clubheadspeed gains after training?

  5. That Marcus the ZEN Golf Mechanic gets amazing results! Funny how you mention him now. Seems we're all on the same page watching the same things at the same time. I definitely have to make one of those boards though I think yours still needs to be higher so it's trickier to balance on. And it should be wide enough that your toes aren't hanging off.

  6. This is a great simple training aid to work with. I also think a little piece of wood on top of the board where you could place the outside edge of your back foot on would allow you to keep the weight on the inside of the back foot. Thanks Brendan for sharing!

  7. the weight shift is good power wise ; swingwise it is not mandatory ! you can still compress the ball will all the weight backwards evn with a wedge. Love the passion and dedication…

  8. Couple of things…see Marcus' channel @ZenGolf Mechanics for more on the footboard and his de-cluttering of the golf swing. Another, you want to get the pressure (for a righty) in the outside (right foot) back heel. This really helps you turn and load. Get the pressure out of the balls of your feet…the heel is the key. Last, I made one with a white Ikea self ($2ish) and then took a pool noodle and cut it in half lengthwise. Taped the pool noodle onto the shelf, viola, footboard. Cheers!

  9. I've been drinking all day. Hopefully, I'll be unconscious in a little while and I can try this. How will I know if I did it? When I'm unconscious I can't remember anything.
    Ok, all kidding aside, this would promote swaying. Swaying is so detrimental to the golf swing. Great players don't do this. To the untrained eye it may appear that they do, but if you look really closely you'll see they don't. I'll make a video explaining how and why as it might be too hard to express here.

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