THIS Driver Is In A DIFFERENT LEAGUE! (Stealth Plus vs Rogue ST LS Driver Comparison)

I put the Callaway Rogue ST Max LS and the TaylorMade Stealth Plus head-to-head to see what the best golf driver in the world is for my game. I talk through the price, looks and performance of the Callaway and the TaylorMade along with a last-minute addition… a mystery driver.

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23 thoughts on “THIS Driver Is In A DIFFERENT LEAGUE! (Stealth Plus vs Rogue ST LS Driver Comparison)

  1. I tried the stealth at the golf course i work at on a fitting day an i also tried the roughe the stealth went about 10-15 yards further but i could not control it the Callaway was in the fairway every time an it still had good distance so the Callaway xame home with me

  2. Brilliant video review, I am seriously considering swapping out my G425 max for the max triple diamond LS, just bought the rogue st pro irons – 4 to pw keep em coming pete !!

  3. I just bought the Callaway Rogue ST Max D, my 1st driver purchase in probably close to 18 years. My ball flight with a driver is a high slice. But within 5 shots, I'm hitting a draw or more towards the centre or left of centre.

    Damn! Technology at work lol

  4. After years with TM, last June (2022 – before the Paradym came around) I traded in a bunch of clubs for a Callaway Rouge ST + $150 of my dollars. (I needed it like another hole in my head – or anywhere else). When I changed shafts I ended up with a piece of metal inside the head. (Lonnnng story. Totally My fault.) The only thing that did, however, was provide a slight rattle when I swung the thing. I couldn't figure out if there was any way to get it out, so I called Callaway. "Nope," the rep said, "it's in there forever." "OK" said I, "I'll live with the rattle." Then an amazing thing happened. The rep, with NO whining from me, said (and this is almost EXACTLY what he said), "Well I wouldn't want that rattle. We'll send you another one." YEP, they sent me a new $549 driver – as soon as I returned the "old" one (at THEIR expense). So from now on, I'm buying Callaway clubs. I have never had such great Customer Service, PERIOD.

  5. All the new brand models have 3 things in common. The Carbon, ridgeback, and the weights. Which is why I got the Tour Edge Exotics c722 with the same technology for the fraction of the price

  6. Pete, What would you recommend for an average mid handicap player? I suspect the clubs you teste here are better for better players?? ????

  7. I have stealth plus with an upgraded xstiff shaft and im still struggling to hit it, went today was left and right, now don't get me wrong I had some bomb hits that felt off the toe and its forgiving but I had an m2 and hit well with it for some reason I struggle more hitting the stealth and considering selling the head for something else

  8. My new Rogue Max D has out-performed my SIM II Max, it has been quite remarkable. I have now gone all Callaway from TM am very happy with the results.

  9. I use a Rogue ST Max D and its so good. 12 degrees of loft gives the ball plenty of time to actually draw like its supposed to. I replaced my R1 with it and i have no regrets.

  10. I did a driver fitting just yesterday (June 13th, 2022) and also walked away with the Callaway Rogue. I was hoping to like the Stealth better as all my irons are Sim Max2 Taylors, but, Callaway was just much more forgiving and consistent giving me much more confidence.

  11. This is a driver design idea. Since there are still players using the 2 ball putter for better alignment, why should they not do the same with a driver?

  12. I bought a Callaway Rogue Max and really tried to like it. The toe of the club looked too high, and I kept yanking it left. So I finally traded it for the Ping G425 Max. Very happy I did.

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