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Thanks to the guys at golfbidder.co.uk for sending me these Titleist Drivers to test!

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Martin G says:

I've a 917 3 wood I'd doesn't work for me

GuitarPicker says:

I'd still slice it with any of these 😂

Peter Bateman says:

Very useful. I’ve got Titleist hybrids with a Ping G10 driver although I’m new to using a driver. I need to try the 915 I think

Barney29508 says:

I'm still using the 910D2. Aldila RIP Regular with a 9.5 loft.

Tried it with various shafts and bought alternative heads with higher lofts and the 9.5 has always worked best with the RIP shaft.

It would be interesting to see a comparison of all these generations and also include the latest TS range to see how much further they've come along.

What is interesting is a comment I heard several years ago. Titleist, (and no doubt many of the other companies), have a marketing plan which spans over several years. When the 910 series was launched, it was highly probable that Titleist had already developed the 915 and 917. The designs were waiting there to be fed into production whilst they were still promoting earlier models. This is in keeping with the comments made by Tom Wishon in his books on, "The Search for The Perfect Golf Club" etc.

Slight tweaks to performance design and even more tweaks to aesthetics and then bang it on the pro shop racks and flog it for another £300 – £400, (probably more).

The 3 yard increase from generation to generation is the performance tweak evidently.

William L says:

As a new golfer, I'm shocked by how much some of these drivers are. Probly gonna go with an older model til I know where I stand.

Willie McNeill says:

They all sound the same on impact except the 915. Great test I love these comparisons and with the same shaft and setting you get to see the real changes in tec if any

STLViking says:

I’m still using the 910D3, 910F and 910H and love them all on A1setting. For my swing this is the most consistent clubs I’ve had.

Thamac15 says:

The 915 D3 is my favorite. I’ve kept it in the bag since 2016

andycarroll3 says:

I play the Titleist 915 driver. It is a great driver. How does it stack up to the new TSI? I keep asking myself why I should spend $549 if I am only going to pick up 3-9 yards of distance. I haven't been convinced that the new drivers are more accurate. A bad swing with a good club still equals a bad result. I am going to put my money on improving my swing. Thanks for the review!

Alex Gavin says:

i work at a golf course and i found a broken head off a 910D2 and i took it home and am fixing it, hopefully it will be a good driver since im new to golf

Steve Wynn says:

Great review. Thinking of getting a 915 D2

Oil-Slick-13 says:

3 yards farther every two years!?

So in 2117 I’ll be hitting 450 yard drives!!!!!

Guy H. says:

Just found this and am ready to go from 910 to TS3.

MidLifeBiker says:

915 doesnt have adjustable weight does it? whereas 917 does for tuning.

MidLifeBiker says:

Only driver I havent owned from all the big manu. What are the hozel settings if std is A1?

Steve Bowen says:

The real question is can rick get 5 out of 10 shots on the fairway…..

Carlos Trevino Tavis PGH says:

Love my 917d3

gubo says:

I'm surprised Rick kinda gives titleist crap about the 3 yard jumps. This has been the only brand that consistantly showed growth. The other ones all jump around

Kevin Speight says:

Love the 915 / 917 did NOT like the TS but haven’t hit the new TS model yet…. w that said I own a Cobra F9 Speedback bc of this YouTube channel AND L.O.V.E. it🙏🙏🙏💯💯💯

Kevin Speight says:

Someone 👀 for a Titleist deal… lol. Jk mate

Paul Maguire says:

What was the effect of 'use' of the clubs? Clearly the 910 has been in use for longer and might be 'worn out', relative to the 917

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