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This video is all about the golf swing. I hope you find it useful.

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Miguel Lemme says:

by far the best tip on driver swing

John Raybould says:

After a morning of crappy Healy slices I will be trying this out. Might save me a lot of time and frustration to focus on width and not just trying to shut the face and swing more from the inside. Thanks!

Martin Davies says:

Excellent tip Russell and for the concise presentation. I agree there’s few things more annoying in golf than to hit an almighty slice on the first tee into the trees (as I did this week) after your playing partners have hit their drives down the fairway, so I will very much remember your points and hope for a better outcome this week! Thanks for posting it.

MV Whity says:

Thanks for the vid 🙏🏻

Dave Rooney says:

Not many over 70’s can turn their shoulders 90*, so give us a tip on how to hit it straight or even a draw.

Andrew Topping says:

I was one video too early with yesterday's comment 😁. Great tips! My prep/thoughts during the swing with driver: 1) ball forward 2) stance slightly closed 3) wide (hands) takeaway down the line 4) slight extra shoulder turn (not hip turn) at the top 5) swing down and through, "hitting" the ball to the right of the intended line (swing path towards 1 o'clock). Always keep a nice tempo. Stay behind the ball. Stay low (keep that spine angle). You can play with arm angle (swing path) on the back swing. I think of my hands as being low, neutral or high and try to keep things neutral for most shots.

Robert Acierno says:

You’re an awesome instructor. Wish you were in the States.

David Kemp says:

I struggle with getting my body ahead of my arms in the downswing. Consciously trying to swing my arms away from the body seems to leave them there on the downswing. I notice that you are able to get your right elbow into your hip quickly. What am I missing here, please?

Johnny Bravo says:

Hey Russ, tried this tip at the range and it completely transformed my slice. I no longer felt I was forcing the face closed nor did I need to use a really strong grip. Can you do a video on the applicability to irons also? Thanks

Paul Rogers By Pellier Photography says:

When did you ditch the new Titleist driver for the Ping G425? Is it the Max version?

Old Pro Golf says:

No-one has been able to answer this for me Russell. Is lag produced by just timing of the downswing or is the centrifugal effect (casting) countered by holding the club head back until you release or until the centrifugal effect overpowers the holding back? Are you aware that you hold the club back in the first part of the ds? Certainly (looking at your swing at 3.43, your r elbow is tucking in to your r side, presumably you are applying force to do this as the centrifugal effect would cause the club and arm to "fly away" from the r side. No-one talks about this.

Roy Close says:

Well done Russell 👏

Blind Squirrel says:

Excellent tip. My “miss” is a slice. This makes perfect sense. Thanks for sharing this.

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