This Driver Lesson Will Fix Your Slice For GOOD! | ME AND MY GOLF

This Driver Lesson Will Fix Your Slice For GOOD! – It is pretty simple. If you want to fix your slice and hit your driver straight this is the video you need to watch.

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28 thoughts on “This Driver Lesson Will Fix Your Slice For GOOD! | ME AND MY GOLF

  1. I play off 6 handicap
    If I didn't use my driver I can level par with my handicap may be 2 or 3 over at worst
    I have had driver lessons but I never feel confident till this video explaining step by step I am really excited to follow this fanatic tips I can't thank you enough both.

  2. addressing his baseball swing was very beneficial to me – as I feel like that is one of the causes of my never ending slice. Will incorporate all these tips -Thanks

  3. I have hit a constant fade / slice for 25 years and every tip or video I have watched it was all about ball positioning and getting a strong grip (knuckles on top with the left hand and on the bottom of the right hand). You name it and I have tried it. Your video addressed getting the shaft out of the palm. Wow, what a change, I was never so happy to see a few duck hooks. Like you said, now it’s a matter of how much to roll the right hand. Thank you for your video!!

  4. All good tips, the one thing missing which I struggle with is to stop coming over the top. Yes I shallow my back swing but every time I go to strike the ball its out side in by about 4 degrees which isn't horrible but it could be better. What are drills to get new muscle memory to force inside to out path? Overall Good video!

  5. AS OTHERS COMMENTED – I too thought my grip was where it should be but was More in my palm than the base of the forefinger and so on. That one simple thing made my grip and comfort/confidence level so much more natural feeling!

  6. HOLD ON…. It WORKS! Lol the past 2 years after no golf from 2014 til 2021 I have been slicing all my drives and long clubs 90 percent of the time 30 to 50 yards off line! ? I have been trying too many things to correct this problem and had not had any sort of consistent result. Round to round and practice to practice each time felt as though it was the first time standing at address and then just being totally off balance and doing one "weird" thing or not has totally messed my mind and game up. Sometimes standing at address for 30 seconds only to stop mid backswing.

    Just felt very uncomfortable and overthinking my whole setup and follow through.

    BOTTOM LINE, The part where u show your grip on the club and hold it with just the index finger and meat of the palm… was a lightbulb moment for me!

    I hit some balls immediately after reviewing your tips and the first 2 shots were bad only becuase I was overcompensating and my tempo was toooo slow.

    Took a step back for a moment pointed my heel inward about an inch, followed by my own 4 things at address and YOUR GRIP COPIED AS BEST AS I COULD and had 6 consecutive 200-220 carry, and 0-7 yd. Dev and just felt like ? ? THANK YOU! I hope It wasn't a fluke!

  7. Tried forever to fix slice, lessons and lots of internet / Youtube views. Finally followed direction to adjust left hand club grip and placement of ball and it WORKED! Had my best round of golf yesterday.

  8. I always knew the ball should be in front of the golf stance but you guys made me try again and over exaggerate it. And it made it so my club face is almost impossible to be open to the path of the swing. Probably the best tip to fix a slice without drastically changing someone’s golf swing. Thanks guys.

  9. 2nd shot, very hard to the right ? supposed to follow these tips? Best tip I can think of is get the clubs fitted to you and your swing speed. If you're swinging a driver and you have a fast down swing with say to soft of a shaft you're gonna impact with the club face open. To stiff and you're not getting the benefits of the whip. Get them fitted

  10. Been trying to get back into golf over the last year,on and off, but found i always slice the drive, been watching these videos over the last week or so and just been back out on the course. Learning and adjusting ,my grip, feet position from the videos etc,ive hit 14 out of 14 straight drives, and all good distance,orher 4 holes were par 3s, now next job is to work on my 2nd shot,which is good at times then dreadfull.

  11. Thanks guys. Never knew about the grip position. Really changes the swing heaps. If you guys ever come to Australia I would like to meet you guys.

  12. I just started golfing this year, watching and playing with people who’ve played decades and still slice…….smh! Some people should crotchet instead.

  13. Thank you I have learned quite a bit just watching your videos. I wish you guys were around like to get lot better with my game. Long time slicers I do need help with my slice.

  14. I just started golfing… Only been to the range because I have a baseball swing and slice everything.. Thank you for this! I’m going to take all of this into account next time out.

  15. Would have been nice to see the guy hit it after the changes and see what the difference in speed, direction and distance were. A bit of bait and switch from the front image to the video. Good tips though, great to work through these to comfort on the range.

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