This Tip Makes The Driver Swing SO MUCH EASIER!

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In this video we give New Lady Golfer Alissa Kacar help with her driver. Alissa was struggling with a slice and was feeling like it was costing her the opportunity to break 80. In this golf lesson we work on one thing that makes a massive difference to her swing, allowing her to hit her driver a lot more consistently than before.

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Meandmygolf says:

We loved this lesson with Alissa, was great to have her on the channel and the improvements were just amazing. If like Alissa you feel like your lack of rotation could be harming your golf swing, make sure you download the Me and My Golf app to use our golf swing analysis tool. This will help you identify your issues and use our content to help you make real improvements👍

Boo Berry says:

"…fEmAlE gOlFeR, Alyssa." I wish someone would for once introduce me like "Here is by friend Bill, he's a guy, so…" /eyeroll

mystical being89 says:

i can never hit my driver and irons good at the same time so annoying

Jose Campos says:

Awesome lesson and tips for rotating the body and fixing the open face. Can’t wait to practice this. I need it!!

Corek BleedingHollow says:

I'm in the same boat I guess. I wanna break 80 but I've been slamming into a brick wall for years. Really inconsistent with driver.

Mike Greene says:

say "shift pressure" not "shift weight"

Michael Rooney says:

Breaking 80 in 4 years is very impressive ❤

Chris Brimhall says:

Funny….when I learned the game in the 1970’s what was impressed on us was the downswing was started with the lead knee breaking to the target, arms relaxed and feel like they just follow the lower body. If you start the downswing with the lower body first and let the arms follow very hard to come over the top…..but hey that’s old school

Gerard Longobardi says:

Alissa has a great swing for a relatively new golfer. Well done!

aimeagle says:

Great advice on the swing. The only issue I see with this whole video is the fact that she shot an 80 with her best drive on here being 177yrds. She must one putt a lot to make up for the lack of distance.

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