PGA Top 10 Various Driver Slow Motion Swings Front View

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Just Watching Swing Can Help Your Golf Skill~!


Collin Morikawa/Justin Thomas/Max Homa/Will Zaratoris/Xander Schauffele/Cameron Smith/Patrick Cantlay/Scottie Scheffler/Rory Mcilroy/Jon Rahm


Lim Hong says:

Awesome ❤

Lorena Wilderman says:


Fabio Ruiz says:

Rory swing is just art

Ronald Delmonico says:

What's with the gay ass music?

Matthew Pocock says:

I could watch this for hours.

Bulan Sabit says:

Rory has perfect swing

Kclmnop says:

The fact that rahms back swing is nearly half of everyone else's makes me feel pretty good about my swing lol

Official Tarez says:

Cam smith is a sellout we don’t associate him with the PGA

비엠또불유 says:

탑클래스들인데도 비교해서 보니 스윙도 제각각이고 먼가 옥에 티가 있어보이는데 그와중에 로리는 진짜 퍼펙트하네 단연코 독보적이네

elroy ruiters says:

Cantlays head doesn't move inch. Insane!

aaajjworm says:

Lol. Rahm's swing is half as long as everyone else with same distance and better accuracy.

Daniel Jie Xing says:

I was kinda hoping to see cameron young here has a great swing

Lou Alcaraz says:

Can’t believe the amount of power Rahm gets with such a short backswing.

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