This Training Aid Can TRANSFORM MY GAME in 2 Seconds!?

This Training Aid Can TRANSFORM MY GAME in 2 seconds!? – guys if you’d like to try the GEM Golf for yourself then check out the website

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30 thoughts on “This Training Aid Can TRANSFORM MY GAME in 2 Seconds!?

  1. Some of you have commented on how it makes you have the toe of the club pointed up halfway back. I prefer mine to match my spine angle. You can easily with some adjustments to the clamp have it balanced to match your spine angle. That will use the aid to train a spine matched backswing- which puts me in a good position. You can check the balance by balancing the club on your finger.

  2. Personally I think the GEM is very good, but I strongly disagree with the way they suggest to use it. with the toe vertical/GEM pointing downwards on either side of the swing. I had some lessons in the early 80's from a PGA pro that had these same ideas of club position and bitterly regretted it – unless you have a pro level transition (and most amateurs have a really bad transition) then the club face is only ever square for a very small amount of time. I am using the GEM more in manner that the guy on the Be Better Golf channel is using it, to encourage a more rotational swing and it is working really well, helping to feel how to use left and right sidebend to help shallow the club during the transition rather than go OTT. I note that James is also not really swinging as the GEM people suggest, but more like I think you should use the tool.

  3. At $259 Canadian it’s crazy. Better to spend on competent lessons or other aids or make your own. Let’s get realistic. Clubs are out of sight. These fad aids are following suit. Ridiculous.

  4. Hi James ordered Gem Training aid after viewing your video I Live in Perth Western Australia got it in 5 days hope the product is as good as the service God Bless and Jesus Loves you

  5. Just got one of these. Had the first go with it yesterday, and it was the best range session I’ve had for years! I used to break 80 quite often when I was in my 30s, but had a couple of injuries and have never gotten close to that standard again. Now at 55, I felt I was hitting the ball as solid as ever, and can’t wait to get back for some more. The GEM actually made me turn my hips and release the club properly – I could feel the “wobble” when I wasn’t moving correctly. When I got in the right position and turned through the hitting zone properly, the wobble disappeared. I had a few swings and then put a ball down. It felt great and so easy. I really hope this wasn’t a one off – I’ll put another comment on here when I’ve had another run at it. Thanks James for highlighting this product ????

  6. Maybe I missed it, but shouldn’t this be declared as an Ad or paid for promotion?
    Free product for testing, link to buy in the description, discount code = AD

  7. Hi ,I built one with bits from Toolstation , it came to £8 . I've tried it and it works , so much so that it's revolutionised my golf swing . All I need now is to get on the course and see if I can replicate the feel of the swing where it counts. In my mind it's the first bit of kit an absolute beginner should be using.

  8. Looking at the video on the GEM website it shows the rod facing upward not downward, does this matter? For that sort of money I could have 4 or 5 pro lessons, so I don’t think I will be tempted. Where do they get these prices from!

  9. I think toe up to toe up is just a by product of this device. The real training aid is feeling the weight dropping the club in the slot in the down swing. Feeling of weightlessness in the down swing. If you let that happen it will transform the feeling of your downswing, and in turn the follow through will be effortless!!

  10. This is probably the first training aid I have seen that can ACTUALLY improve my game. I see a significant difference in your swing just in a few minutes! How does it do for long irons?

  11. LOL…Gym!? pudge…you ain't been to the gym. Great video. Don't let it get out of hand bud, I did and it's only harder as you get older. And the back injuries…keep the weight down and stretch.

  12. You did fail to mention that rods 1 and 2 point towards the golfer and rod 3 points away from the golfer. Just in case people missed the change.

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