You Will Never Hit Your Driver The Same Again | 3 5's Drill

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You Will Never Hit Your Driver The Same Again – 3 5's Drill

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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17 thoughts on “You Will Never Hit Your Driver The Same Again | 3 5's Drill

  1. Thank you! Somehow I "lost" my driver swing, hitting the ball 220 average with LPGA average swing speed. Handicap rapidly increasing and frustation to boot. I was all over youtube and booking multiple trackman sessions trying to figure it out. But this is the video that changed it, in particular the first tip on tilt. Boom, 220 became 245 average with some shots above 270. Those 25 avg yards are the difference between having iron vs hybrid on approach shots playing from 6500 yds. Big impact on GIR. This is the way.

  2. I can not praise this video enough

    Have always struggled with getting on the inside of plane, driver has been a nightmare and so frustrating

    In the course of a range session gone from 90% slices to 90% soft draws

    I have the feel I have been looking for with the driver

    Thank you so much for putting it out there on YouTube

  3. I’m just getting into golf. I’ve been really struggling with my driver, I’ve watched countless videos! I watched this video tonight, went to the range and hit some bombs!! Still needs tuning but felt so so much better and cleaner!

  4. You say, "I'm gonna turn it up just a notch". But my understanding is that you don't want to do this, really, with the arms, and especially not with the hands (which would race too far ahead). So what, exactly, are you "turning up a notch", and how are you doing it? What is the focus? I'm guessing, but it's just a guess, that you are focusing on a more violent turn toward the target, just as you release.

  5. I believe I have the stance you described in the beginning. However, I have to fight it because I hit fat and leave my weight on my right that way. If I don’t hit fat I hit it so high I lose distance. My last thought before swinging has to be “keep shoulders level” so I don’t lower the right and hit fat. I like the hammer explanation though. I’ll give that a try.

  6. I've watched a million golf swing vids and none have made a change so quickly in my driving game. I watched this and then went to my local Trackman sim.

    I've always fought negative AoA and thusly, high driver spin. This got me from 0-3 down to 0 to 2.8 up!

    Hit the longest drive of my life on the sim tonight, but it didn't feel like max effort. I have speed and generally am in the running (and winning a few) corporate tourney long drive holes in the few tourneys I plan a year, but this changed my ball flight so positively.

    Ran out of time before I ran out of juice. I'm really excited to get back and try this again!

    THANK YOU!!!

  7. Thanks for the shoulder dip lesson, I'm 61 and tried it out today and was crushing it with no fear. Nice little draws around 250 to 275 yards. I really didn't try it with my other clubs, does the technique work with all the clubs?

  8. Mate, you e changed the game of driving the ball with these golden lesson.
    So athletically intuitive, well explained and easy to follow. The ‘swing at the wall’ demo feels identical to how a baseball bomber hits it. That’s a masterclass right there mate ?
    How about one like that for the irons/woods?

  9. I see Snell balls being shown on this video except they're always out of stock. I understand that raw materials has been in short supply but geez how long has it been months if not years?

  10. I am in complete shock over what this did for my driver swing today. I never thought I’d hit this far. Really believed I just wasn’t flexible enough or something. I owe you thousands of dollars for this information.

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