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Tiger Woods is back and the world rejoices in his glory but in todays Daily Vlog Mark Crossfield talks about if we need to be careful of the Tiger effect and what we should lean golfing forward. Golf needs to be the winner here and golf needs to grow with Tiger and without him when he is gone. Let me know your ideas around this subject.

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Adrian L says:

The thing with tiger for me is the results. The week in week out year on year domination. These days you see people go on runs of form, Thomas right now, last year was DJ and the year before that Jason. No one is consistently dominating year on year. Speith is the closest at the moment for sure. I think that’s the only way you get a new tiger or portrait any of the guys on tour now as a new celebrity of the game.

Aaron Patterson says:

Tiger brought the interest to golf, mainstream. In turn, sponsors made more money, players made more money. Factually, can it not be said the same happened in the Palmer, Niclaus age?

Ricardo Passarelli says:

It's so interesting that Tiger is competing against players who idolized him as juniors. What a dynamic.

Tom Mason says:

Tiger brings people to watch him on course and on tv.  He definately increase ticket sales at any tourney he plays.  TV view volume goes up too when he's playing.

Brend Carbonati says:

I wasn’t a participant on social media when Tiger was last competitive in golf.
But going on the recent frenzied saturation of tiger on social media, I will be unliking and reducing the little time I spend on social media

Jesse White says:

Until tiger gets quality iron sets down to $200 and drivers to $100 then I’m not sure he will really get people playing golf in droves.

Simon Bourne says:

+crossfieldmark on BBC News Sport section on Sunday night or Monday the only thing they spoke about was Tiger’s comeback, they didn’t once mention the result of the tournament or Fowler’s amazing round! Shows that in their minds he is a bigger headline than the sport itself!

I played golf when I was younger because my dad did, I then became a Tiger fan rather than starting golf because of him!

I don’t think an individual should ever be more important than the sport!

ShaamoneHeeHee says:

The only thing that was a tiger effect is the amount of money Nike and other large companies made out of fantastic marketing potential. There's a reasonable argument to make that the style of golf that was brought in has ruined courses. For a long time they were modelled to a long drive formula, with very little thought. Also tiger maybe back, but it's a nostalgic thing for my generation. Young golfers will have heard of him, but none of them will be inspired by the current version of tiger. They new young pro golfers on the scene need to inject personality, style and interest in the game to encourage their peers. Tigers yesterday's man, unfortunately.

freddy says:

from article in SportingIntelligence(dot)com…
Phil Mickelson…
“Look at what he’s doing for the game the last 17 years he’s played as a professional. It’s been incredible. .. I remember when I was an amateur and I won my first tournament in Tucson in 1991, the entire purse was $1 million, first place was $180,000 and Steve [Loy, my agent] and I would sit down and say, ‘I wonder if in my lifetime, probably not in my career, we would have play for a $1 million first-place check. [Now] it’s every week……"
'The numbers bear out Mickelson’s observations. By 2008 purses totaled $292 million, representing an increase of 9.3% per year since Tiger joined the Tour. This difference in the growth in prize money from 3.4% in the years before Tiger joined the Tour to 9.3% in the years after can be called the ‘Tiger Woods effect.”

Eric Chandler says:

He connected the golf world to the younger generation. He brought aggression into the sport.

His clutch performances were very comparable to other great sports icons at the time (MJ, Kobe) and I think that has helped to bring a lot of positive attention to the sport

Steve Scaggs says:

I said for years, Tiger Woods is likely the greatest golfer we have ever seen, but I can't stand him because he's all I ever see when I watch golf; there are other players on the course! (Back in the Tiger days of course)

bill mccutcheon says:

Tiger was the player I looked up to growing up and now not only do I like him playing again we fans get to troll the haters that have been offended by his actions in his life that have nothin to do with them and boy do they get upset ?? what more could you want??

Jesse White says:

Tiger is the ultimate bandwagon fan destination in golf.

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