Tiger and Charlie Woods shoot 10-under 62 | Round 1 | PNC Championship | 2021

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In the opening round of the 2021 PNC Championship, Tiger and Charlie Woods card a 10-under 62 to sit three shots back after Saturday in Orlando.

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This week’s PNC Championship will see Tiger Woods return to action for the first time since the PNC Championship last year. The unique event, previously called the Father/Son Challenge, will see a host of PGA TOUR and Champions Tour players compete alongside their children and parents over 36 holes, in a bid to win the Willie Park trophy. Last year’s victors, Justin and father Mike Thomas return to the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club in Orlando, Florida, hoping to become the first back-to-back winners since Larry and Drew Nelson in 2008. After finishing seventh in last year’s event Tiger Woods and his son Charlie, now 12 years old, will be looking to once again challenge for the title. Other duos to look out for this weekend include Jim Furyk and son Tanner, Nick Faldo and son Matthew and Olympic Gold medalist and 2021 Women’s PGA Championship winner, Nelly Korda alongside her father Petr. In order to be eligible, participants must have either won a major championship or THE PLAYERS Championship. The competition adopts a scramble format, in which each player in the pairing tees off, with both participants then playing each subsequent shot from within a club length of where the best shot of the two lands.

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Daniel Smith says:

Wait… Tiger is back at it after his car accident? Incredible.

Kyle S says:

What?? I thought he may never play again. He’s back already?!

Tony H. Anderson says:

This did my heart well. Hope my daughter and I will play one day.

Damon Jones says:

Luv how they play in Kobe’s

Joon Park says:

this is sooo heart warming. I'm in tears. T_T

TopicalUsername says:

I like to think that part of Tiger's motivation for his recovery was moments like this he gets to spend with his son. Wonderful to see.

Brandon Jones says:

This is so great. Tigers dad taught him to play, now Tiger is passing it onto his own son. 30-35 years from now youll see Charlie doing this with his son. Its great to see father and son passing on the family legacy.

Molo xin star online says:

Olah raganya orang kaya 😌

estimatedeyes says:

Is everybody else watching this smiling ear-to-ear? The heavens are rumbling with pride watching this little boy's stroke.

Mike The Casual says:

I just hope Charlie doesn’t let the early fame get to his head, he has sooo much potential to be great

Regdu Geht says:

Charlie’s swing reminds me a lot of tigers first swing, before all the swing changes. High vertical back swing, balanced follow through. Thing of beauty

John Patrick says:

Wonder if dad took him to Perkins after to celebrate??

Plfj Aa says:

We all need to thank Charlie. He brought the greatest player of our time back to golf.

Plfj Aa says:

Sooooo… Tiger is going to end his career with 2 more majors.. Charlie is my favorite new golfer.

편지혜 says:

DNA 는 과학이다. 그 아빠에 그 아들
참 대단한 부자지간이네요.찰리 잘 치우면
아빠처럼 유능한 골퍼로 성공할 듯^^👍👍👍


What yardages is Charlie hitting at this age?


It's uncanny how many of his dad's characteristics Charlie has picked up. Leaning on his club, twirling his club, reactions to good putts, bad shots and many more. His swing is up there with Tiger's in his prime. I hope he goes on the play professional.

Becky-💖 𝐹**СК МЕ - СНЕ𝒞𝒦 𝑀𝒴 Р𝑅𝟢𝐹𝐼𝐿Е says:

To see Tiger playing a tournament within a year of his accident it's just incredible.

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