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Angel Alvarez says:

Great video, I'm only 49 and feel like I might need clubs like those just to have fun again.

seasick says:

Really enjoy the content of this channel so well filmed and edited. Great to see you and the old fella enjoying a round together ⛳️

John K. Atchley says:

That looks like a wide open course. Must be tough when the wind comes up. Great to see a senior trying out clubs. I also like videos where the normal hitters bring on players, male and female, with medium or average swing speeds, whether for fittings or out on the course.

Justin Baldwin-Bonney says:

Very nice to see matching the club with the right player. Not done enough.

Richard Llewellyn says:

Very good video and it shows that sometimes we need to forget our ego or reliance on an old favourite set of clubs get yourself something suited to what your game actually needs forget the looks and just smile at the consistent shots. A set of hybrid irons is definitely at the top of my list for my next set of irons

Sean E Sibley says:

Fantastic looking course …make sure to test that Air density/moisture has a massive effect on ball flight /response.

Andy Polidore says:

What a great video.

David Deck says:

I really enjoyed this video. It was great seeing Sid swing the new PXG's so well. These types of clubs truely help those with slower swing speeds. The enjoyment he experienced and confidence he got is priceless. The confidence it gave him certainly helped him enjoy his round of golf and that is what it is all about. Keep hitting them well Sid!

Hugh Jars says:

Who cares what a club sounds like if it performs well? No one in their right mind would.

Del Timmins says:

What an amazing looking course.

Iain Cochrane says:

Had my grandson,15..and my twin boys..36…and me my course lanark..i couldnt hit a ball on 1st…ran out of hankies…i replaced my ping g400s full set.for 425s..grandson got my old clubs..hits it fer bloody miles..a great wee memory day…joy to watch big fella…

Rob Cook says:

Got to keep the young’un on his toes with the comment at the end 😂

Bandit Baker says:

An early Christmas present for Mr Sullivan Senior??

M Wade says:

Great vid and well played Sid 👏👏

Ransom Getty says:

I reallllllly hate that I usually shut down as soon as PXG comes on screen. I've got like a mental block against the brand and I have NO IDEA WHY. Maybe it's the overpriced elitist vibe they had early on, coupled with seeing them dilute their line with cheaper clubs, my prejudice is all nonsense, yet it stubbornly seems to be sticking around.

Kosta Karvounis says:

He looks like he loved hitting them. Confidence builds confidence.

Ray Prouty says:

Great job Sid! Shot after shot, I could see your confidence building! I'm hoping that the 0211 DC's I just got, will do the same for me! Thanks Andy, for posting great videos!

Dan Corun says:

I'm going to give the irons a good look and they may be in the bag in 2022.

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