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Please don't get taken down, please don't get taken down ??

pizzaburger818 says:

i still cant believe he actually won my mind wont accept it absolutely unbelievable that tiger won the masters the greatest golf tournament We will ever witness i cried

Henkka says:

Absolute chills.

greg dusel says:

Lag putt on 9 on Sunday best shot of the tourney

Ankle Pick says:

Thank you for your service Avid Golf Vid.

Steve Bryan says:

Nice vid, I bet the Masters will show this pretty soon .

Ed Jones says:

Can we get enough people to vote for CBS to put the whole Masters 2019 on you tube. I mean with the whole Convet virus and all. Be nice for Golf TV to re-cast the whole Tournament. Please CBS Give us a bit of Quality Golf on our screens.

Joey Lucente says:

Tiger easily could have shot sub 63 Friday

Dylan Davis says:

Every major win has a signature moment. Tigers came yet again on 16, when he hit another one of the greatest shots he has ever hit, and sealed the title with a tap in birdie.

Will Schwab says:

Your a hero

Mattyjay88 says:

With great power, comes great responsibility. Thank you for the upload.

Mitch Hotz says:

The putt on 9 was one of the greatest putts ever rolled

Mr. Yoshi says:

not sure if this is helping or hurting my golf withdrawal….anyway, thanks for this upload.

Chris says:

Rahm telling tigers ball to go 5:50. Nice guy

Noah Karp says:

I needed this. Thanks you.

Henry Chang says:

Amazing video, thanks

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