Tiger Woods – Chipping / Pitching Practice (2015 Masters)

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zlALEXlo says:

Using the bounce on his wedge again, just like he used to back in the day.
He shot -3 thru 9 holes during Monday’s practice round.

someone says:

This man used to be the best.

Cole Connor says:

Anyone notice he went back the the original Nike spikes not those trainer
looking things 

dositw says:

best footage posted for this year.thanks a lot.
best wish to tiger

Tactical Persuader says:

He’s not even close with those chips. Back swing is way too long imo, it’s
impossible to be consistent like that because it causes deceleration. 

Jordan Meas says:

interesting. jamming out to music while practicing. that’s a first.

pmc820 says:

wow was his angle of attack always that steep?

Cornwall1888 says:

Has joe lacava been working recently, or is he just a tiger guy?

Thomas Waters says:

I predict he misses the cut on +7

msjche says:

Nice, thanks for this RYR!

Ryan scarington says:

A true scumbag 

Lu lz says:

Thanks for this religious moment ! You rock

WildDawgs88 says:

I’m curious to know what he was listening to

PatrickKlund93 says:

Martin Kaymer from 30 yards below the hole using only one hand is pretty
dece too…

bounchofbeaners says:

so is he back???????i hope so!!

Jason Knutson says:

4:05-4:15 is hilarious. If you have been watching Tiger for any length of
time, seeing him bite is lip and bob is head… you know what I am talking
about. I hope it helps!

JP DeFranco says:

Whats the music??

TheOhAArongaming says:

Wonder what music tiger is listing to

Brandon Weiss says:

Tiger needs to get his Eye of the tiger passion back!

Sang Lee says:

Could you please tell me what day of the week this was?

chamilitary999 says:

Well no more thin or fat shot so far, but not great dispersion, these Green
are fast though

L'au Go says:

Regardez cette vidéo sur YouTube :

Ducati Drew says:

Taught him everything he knows….lol.

adam says:

I’m sorry but how the hell does this video have 55k views? it’s so boring.
also i agree that it doesn’t seem like he has enough acceleration. swing is
too long.

MrChinchillen says:

sponsored by MusclePharm now I see

Daniel Richardson says:

The Cat’s back baby yeew!


It`s aaaaa the Best on the History, simple…

B.A. Chan says:


Jammin’ out

Zachariah Jeffreys says:

Im glad Tiger isnt being a pussy

jimwgt says:

Great video, Thanks for posting

Patrick Kaa says:

Cool vid but hate the background music

victorwanyama67 says:

Still looks like he’s struggling to get it close consistently. But hey
those masters greens r tough

Collin Carson says:

Tiger jammin out at 4:02….lol

Michael Riechmann says:

Those look pretty clean to me!

CptSpauIding says:

So beautiful…

Tiger Stew says:

Not bad for a yipper

ks Park says:

Looking good
He got it.

TheMicky53 says:

Well, I have to admit he is playing better than I thought he would
and he looks as if though he will finish in the top 20 (I just may lose my
bet) but I believe Jordan Spieth will hold out for the win on Sunday. Ya’
better keep a good eye on Mick though!

Cornwall1888 says:

I just glimpsed the video at the start and thought he was wearing green
shoes lol

mon blue says:

clearly this is a man with the yips…….

Yoshihisa Kawakami says:

Tiger Woods – Chipping / Pitching Practice (2015 Masters):

Michael Wolstencroft says:

Sounds like Tiger is listening to a hiphop song while chipping! By the way
he’s jamming in between wedge shots.

netterstyl says:

“Eldrick will never catch me.” -Jack




Poor old tiger is playing like a neutered tiger that has lost its teeth!
Speith will bust his ass if he ever comes to terms with his damaged ego!!
Tiger Woods is finished, they should change his name to king of the chumps

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