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A few weeks back we met up with top man and top golfer Matt Fitzpatrick for the “Foooore Hole Challenge”…..unsurprising he battered me but along the way we had a great chat about loads of stuff from Tiger Woods to Chris Wilder and much more.
He also gave me some incredible and simple tips to improve your golf game, which lets face it…I need!

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David Griffiths says:

Just found your channel.. Going to enjoy your video's during my 12 week Coronavirus stay at home time 🙂

After 2am says:

laughed endlessly! thank you Tubes!

Justin Thompson says:

I think the does your mom cut your hair one is hilarious…I mean he does look like a 12 year old so that’s why that was said

remi moses says:

Messi isnt as good as Maradona.

Dylan Price says:

He has the same voice as Michael Atherton.

IR Cunning says:

Can't help but to root for Matt now. What an easy guy to chat with, plus a good sense of humor!

tigerbalm says:

Pin-in should be illegal for putts IMO…for the pro's at least.

tigerbalm says:

I like those jackets but does it make a pullover? I respect a golfer who carrries their bag!

swardmusic says:

Please look into "microphone gain settings".
Good vid!

Adam H says:

Best one so far mate

Nik Davis says:

Top man Fitz Sheffield legend one day 😉

Chris Agnew says:

He seems absolutely sound. Him giving advice to help tubes game is decent of him ?

Plus2 Golfer says:

Really enjoy these LONGER episodes…I could've watched Bullard for 2 hours and I have no clue who he is (I'm American) BUT HE'S FUCKING BRILLIANT

Martin Allpress says:

What a great guy Matt is and I like the way you are being shown how to hit a few shots, bit tough you not getting any shots of a plus 6 player!

Robert Jones says:

Nearly missed this episode as it wasn’t in the playlist Tubes, glad it came across the recommendation! Definitely add it to the playlist to prevent new watchers like myself missing episodes ?

Mark Downward says:

Matt seems a great character ?? really enjoyed that vid?️‍♂️?? more 4 hole challenges please

Nick G says:

What…. A…. Legend

jeremy pearson says:

Fitz seems like a nice bloke and kudos to him for taking time to give some pointers. I really hope he can climb up the rankings.

G 1873 says:

Love this lad so down to earth and what a talent!

Kush Kuniss says:

Interesting to hear him talk about the difference of using the scope to the yardage books of the course

Stuart Barclay says:

SPAM specially process American meat, great video, Matts a nice lad

Jason Weaver says:

I must say, I genuinely and thoroughly enjoyed this video. Just a laid back, couple of guys enjoying some golf, interview. Matt has to be one of the most down to earth, humble, PGA player I have ever heard or seen. 4 STARS my brotha on this video!!!

Sketchbag says:

Top man in the top drawer!

Rusty Cockering says:

That's funny…Tiger Woods gave me V.D.

Ian Matterson says:

WHAT a lovely young man Matt is,and out their doing it for the home team..

gloorbit * says:

What about golf versus cricket?

Damian Chapman says:

I would have enjoyed Robbie Knox coming out from behind the camera to talk to Matt about potatoes.

Logan Fulton says:

Matt seems like top bloke, bright future in front of him

SheldonABQ says:

Matt Fitzpatrick! Good Luck to you this year! Your a Champ!

Milky Way Galaxy says:

Not sure I've ever seen a faster backswing.

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