Tiger Woods Golf Swing | Catastrophic Sequence

Tiger has had problems with his consistency because he has a catastrophic downswing sequence. In this video, we analyze and measure his sequence and suggest a more efficient sequence that will also help you with your consistency. http://www.somaxsports.com/

4 thoughts on “Tiger Woods Golf Swing | Catastrophic Sequence

  1. Yes I would absolutely agree with your analysis that the down swing sequence starts with the the left knee moving towards that target first. At last someone who also knows what their talking about.

  2. Interesting that he says golfers like Tiger who use their forearms to much in the swing get "The Yips" later in their careers. 82 at Phoenix, missed the cut could not Chip even if his life depended on it now, says it all really.

  3. Thanks for your insight, your videos have helped me tremendously. I would like to suggest an analysis of David Duval, if possible. I think that would be fascinating. Thanks again

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