Tiger Woods (His Life Part 1)

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Tommy Riddle says:

What song is that in the background? 

speedrocks2 says:


MrYoshicat says:

Shut up Jordan , i predict you’ll become the greatest baseballer in history
, your attempt at golf was pityfull , there are 13 year old girls on this
planet that shoot your lowest score everyday ! Hey jordan ! can i borrow
your copy of Tiger’s 19th Major victory

Mark Hicks says:

pluto’s not a planet anymore.

krapkakes11 says:

pluto is not a planet you idiot

calicub10 says:

All this messiah talk is comical. He picked up the game young, worked hard,
put in time and resources, and of course you are going to get a great
player. That doesn’t require a divine stamp.

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