Tiger Woods Hole In One Masters Augusta 2010

TIGER MAKES AN HOLE IN ONE ON THE SEVENTH, UNBELIEVABLE Just as it all seemed over for the world number one he does the unthinkable, getting himself back into the tournament by holing his second shot on the par-4 7th!!!!

35 thoughts on “Tiger Woods Hole In One Masters Augusta 2010

  1. @mumbaiindianspollock 1.) you are a chooch 2.) this person who posted this
    video is a chooch .. and I know you are clueless as to why. so let me shed
    some light on the matter. This video is labeled something that it’s not,
    therefore this person is a dummy failure. 3) there wasn’t a word of moral
    science or preaching in what I said. 4) you are a chooch

  2. @tobs22 shut your trap-this video is about golf,not some moral science
    classroom. You got to go to church or something for all these preaching.
    Youtube is not for this!

  3. No, it’s an albatross! If an eagle is 2 under par, a DOUBLE eagle (by all
    reasonable logic) has to be 4 under! Yes, I know the US commentators call
    it a double eagle, rather than an alby but it really gets my goat! And
    don’t even start me on the title of this video! 🙂 Rant over!

  4. okay i am going to break this down for youtube golf fans that cant get this
    right not even the guy who posted it. it is a eagle thats it he made his
    second shot that is a eagle not a double or albatross a eagle great shot
    not easy on a par 4 now if this was a par 5 and he holed his 2nd shot like
    oosthuizen this year thats an albatross(double eagle) very few have been
    hit in masters history

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