Tiger Woods Hole In One Masters Augusta 2010

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Jeff Hamlin says:

Flagged as SPAM for misleading title. Fucking loser.

Gary Hough says:

Not a hole in one…….was an eagle dumbass

sportsroundup says:

the cream always rises to the top

booyaaka says:

Nice “hole in one” from the fairway 😉

ls1eater says:

@tobs22 go back in your hole…..

carlo a. says:

@Drudkkh the guy in the dark blue @ 0:22, yeah, what a dick


hmm usually a hole in one comes off a tee shot…so r we counting 2nd and
third shots now too?

Jitterbug200714 says:

@theatlantisrise I frequently use the term ‘Mulligan’ when I play.

Mike Grose says:

Haha did you guys see this in slow mo? Best moment of the Masters haha

MrJappy87 says:

great hole in one! how many holes in one has he had in his career?

Brady Clark says:

you know the only reason he put hole in one was to get views on his vid
right? So just chill out bitches

MaGoo says:

@mumbaiindianspollock 1.) you are a chooch 2.) this person who posted this
video is a chooch .. and I know you are clueless as to why. so let me shed
some light on the matter. This video is labeled something that it’s not,
therefore this person is a dummy failure. 3) there wasn’t a word of moral
science or preaching in what I said. 4) you are a chooch

Yuseichaaan48 says:

WTF, is up with the asshole in the background. nice shot by tiger.

MaGoo says:

complete failure as a human, as well complete failure as a youtube video.

monnyg1 says:

haha lol at the hater

Sivathangavel Guhan says:

@tobs22 shut your trap-this video is about golf,not some moral science
classroom. You got to go to church or something for all these preaching.
Youtube is not for this!

josephborderline says:

the two old farts in the back: – Benjamin, should we invite him to supper?
– Nah man, I think he loves pussy.

sportywomen2009 says:

great shot

Palmer Bradshaw says:

It would be a hole in one if he was playing the women’s fairway tees.

foonatt says:

he was shaking his head in disbelief not anger u idiots

OneBigmutha1109 says:

Great eagle, you gotta love the jealous old fucking cock sack in the
background shaking his head in anger.

Meany101 says:

yea it was a fucking eagle dumbass he wasnt at the tee box he was half way
down the fair way

wilki31 says:

No, it’s an albatross! If an eagle is 2 under par, a DOUBLE eagle (by all
reasonable logic) has to be 4 under! Yes, I know the US commentators call
it a double eagle, rather than an alby but it really gets my goat! And
don’t even start me on the title of this video! 🙂 Rant over!

wallpaperkilla says:

It was an eagle, not a hole in one.

MaGoo says:

@Thunda1234 because it wasn’t a hole in one.

jigs9600able says:

Are you fucking retarded? He hits this shot from the fairway, not the tee

MrJ20091 says:

i love the guy in the dark glasses behind tiger reaction PRICELESS

britpga93 says:

Who ever posted this dont know shiy about golf.

JT8197 says:

@HellFire6991 DID YOU SEE THE OLD GUY SHAKING HIS HEAD!!!! Man i bet he was

ihavegottalent says:

still the best

cupofbeans says:

hole in one froum the fairway eh?

Thunda1234 says:

why are there more dislikes than likes? this is bloody amazing!

HellFire6991 says:

@JT8197 lol i see that

cr500blur says:

get your hand out of your pants, and go to bed….you’re grounded…

mnhustle1989 says:

okay i am going to break this down for youtube golf fans that cant get this
right not even the guy who posted it. it is a eagle thats it he made his
second shot that is a eagle not a double or albatross a eagle great shot
not easy on a par 4 now if this was a par 5 and he holed his 2nd shot like
oosthuizen this year thats an albatross(double eagle) very few have been
hit in masters history

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