Tiger Woods Iron Swing Sequence and Slowmotion

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Tom says:

Just a heads up to people watching, this is a STINGER not a regular iron swing.
You can tell by ball position and how he cuts his arms off at the end
Video is from "Tiger Woods: How to Hit a Stinger | TaylorMade Golf"

TaylorMade Golf says:

Great video. Where'd you get it?

Jose Ramon Diaz-Calvo Garcia says:


Mr. Ditkovich says:

You cut out the finish position

Angelo C says:

Tiger doesn’t even hit like that anymore. What a swing!

Jen Monty says:

Games on. Woot.

Emilien Castella says:

What is the mame if this song?


I watch this video atleast twice a month, this mans swing is such controlled power it’s beautiful to watch and try an emulate. What a beast dude

Kyle Zuce says:

This song goes hard as the swings

리슨캐어플리 says:

Unfortunately, his beautiful swing doesn't work with your body…..

Tarzan says:

Where his back Swing?

Cody Albright says:

You watch slowmo of Tiger’s swing then you watch slowmo of your swing and you realize you better off to just end yourself right there

Martin M. Ortiz says:

I believe this is the same swing from a Taylormade video where he was displaying his signature stinger, so not his stock swing but just as beautiful 🥲

Daniel Montanez says:

That right elbow… wow!

jason9292 says:

How does he keep his right arm straight in the follow through?

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