Justin Thomas Iron Swing Sequence-Slow Motion

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TrueJay says:

His right arm elbow is far from his rib at the top but brings it in on downswing.

TMRegent says:

Impact to Finish!

The Great Products Page says:

music kills it all

T L says:

Did anyone else notice they spelled Impact wrong in #3? If your gonna drop a JT video, at least get your spelling correct.

Decision Science Gaming says:

music is awesome, idk what ya'll are on

Follow Arjan says:

Hi can someone help me – guide me through my shots? I am trying to take part in an amateurs' competition by end of the year – a lofty goal yes but I am taking this challenge. Please comment on my swing and provide any pointers or tips: https://youtu.be/V-eC2fOR8Qc

New Ports says:

I didn’t watch the video I just danced for 5 minutes

Raj Ramjit says:

Agreed with the music distaste.. distracting. Other than that, exceptional slow motion video to diagnose our own issues by breaking down the parts. Just what i needed. Thank you.

DeKay Will says:

Love the music!!!! Makes me want to go hit a few buckets on the range!

LabGorilla says:

This is a very solid swing. Thank you for uploading the slow motion analysis as it will help me to attempt to mirror his movements.

Garth Garthly says:

Ridiculous annoying sound.

Ken Sexton says:

Just recently tried mirroring JT’s swing and what a difference in results. I have struggled to find a swing plane that works for me . Just to add….I appreciated getting Jt’s autograph last Ryder cup in Paris…We Canadians support our American neighbours

David Seo says:

name of song?

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