Tiger Woods | Swing Theory | Driver, iron, wedge

Take an enhanced look at the golf swing of 82-time PGA TOUR winner Tiger Woods, with analysis from CBS Sports and PGA TOUR LIVE commentator Mark Immelman, including a deeper breakdown of the 15-time major champion’s current driver, iron, and wedge swings. The World Golf Hall of Fame member is also an 11-time PGA TOUR Player of the Year.

0:00 Intro
1:04 Driver – Back
5:20 Driver – Side
10:38 Iron
14:11 Wedge
16:45 Close

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29 thoughts on “Tiger Woods | Swing Theory | Driver, iron, wedge

  1. I love these Swing Theory videos because Mark's analysis is spot on and usually when I see a swing analysis video, I'm yelling at my computer in frustration because of how cluess the analyst is. This is never the case with Mark and he does a great job with this series.

  2. Trevor is the worst swing analysis guy, other than Faldo. They just say a bunch of general things that aren't specific to a good golf swing. It's like you took a 20 hcp and had them talk about the swing.

  3. Why not have an actual PGA of America teaching pro do these video swing analyses? No players on Tour are hitting up Trevor Immelman to be their next swing coach.

  4. Ouch bro.
    Can you flatten it out a bit more at the bottom- or is that what you're doing. Ouch bro. Work on forearm strength? Maybe swing into a rubber tyre to feel Punch impact.. and work more on hitting greens with an extra Iron. Youch Tiger. ?

  5. SWING THEORY! Yep, just a theory. It doesn't matter how you swing it just matters if the ball goes straight. Talking about a perfect swing just gives the announcers something to act like the pro golfers are so much more special at hitting a ball than a normal person.

  6. You could give Tiger's exact swing from 2000 to 5 different guys on tour and they wouldn't be able to beat him, because Tiger's biggest strength was his mind and ruthless mentality, the fact he's won so many majors with so many different swings proves it. Same with Phil Mickelson who just schooled everyone except Rahm & Koepka at 52 years old at The Masters finishing 2nd. Give the Tiger Woods of 2018 Tommy Fleetwood's exact swing and Tiger would win a major with it.

  7. watching this at 12:45am for a 12:30pm tee off tomorrow… come tee time I will inevitably forget everything and get a triple bogey, thanks PGA Tour ?

  8. The circa 2000 swing to me was flawless. Also, I don't think anyone in history has tinkered with their swing and been able to play consistently great golf. This makes Tiger the GOAT in my eyes.

  9. This narrator's accent is all over the place. I feel like he starts his sentences British, and by the time her gets to the end of them he's gone full Southern Belle.

  10. I think the camera is slightly off center from his target line, so his swing looking cross the line at the top is not accurate I don't think. Or at least not as bad as it looks here because of the angle of camera.

  11. A great player who has both telekinesis and coercion
      ● ● ●●   
    ⛳●     ●●??️

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