Titleist 913F Vs Adams Superline Super S

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Titleist 913F V's Adams Superline Super S
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16 thoughts on “Titleist 913F Vs Adams Superline Super S

  1. Just ordered the adams super s fw and this video makes me even more happy i
    got it the the adams has longer carry and the last shot he hit was dead
    straight 244 carry the bad shots were bad swings not the club. Also how can
    a computer judge the rollout you get come on i play golf in florida there’s
    know way you are going to get 30 plus yards carry with the 913 3 wood it
    has to be british open dry and flordia stays moist

  2. carry distance is a yard further in the Adams, 30+ yards of roll with the
    Titleist ???good luck holding a green with that angle of descent ..

  3. Hi rick you give outstanding reviews but one thing in this video is I think
    you are slamming the adams to hard I think you should do some reviews on
    adams super s driver and some of there irons I have adams a12os and before
    I bought them is was shoting a 65 because my clubs were not forgiving but
    now with the help of the adams clubs I have shot 40s before so can you do
    some more adams reviews especially the super s driver 

  4. I think based on the std deviation and carry, your analysis is not
    accurate. The carry distance is what matters with these clubs and the Adams
    is 1yard longer with a lower overall std deviation. With a consistent
    swing, the dispersion will also be tighter. I think adams was better. 

  5. Great review as always Rick. Why are your smash factor scores with your
    fairway woods always higher than with the drivers that your test? I have
    notice this with other reviewers as well. Cheers

  6. I agree, Adams was not accurate and short. I hit the X hot 3 deep 195 yds
    with 275+ carry on monitor. I feel buying Titleist is a waste of money and
    there’s not real advantage in design. Callaway is currently the best…and
    I never like Callaway in the past!

  7. Thank you for the videos! You should take the top clubs in each category
    (drivers and fairway woods) and do a showdown. E.g. the 913f vs. the 3deep
    for fairway woods and the RBZ stage 2 vs. ?? (can’t remember the other best
    driver from your tests)

  8. Did you not hit the Speedline Super LS? I think you’d see more distance and
    better dispersion in that model as it is geared more towards your type of

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