FREE Zen and Golf Seminar Video – MP4 – 56 minutes

I truly hope and expect that you will enjoy watching this recording. I am certain that you will find some tips to help move your game to the next level. Watch it as many times as you like, and feel free to share it with your friends.

This MP4 is the first of the complete series of four Zen & Golf recordings. Contact me at if you wish to purchase the remaining three recordings of the series. It is priced competitively to help as many golfers as possible obtain more satisfaction from this frustrating game! Read on for more details.

Isn't it about time you found out exactly how good a golfer you could be?

How good could you be when your mind and body combine to unleash peak performance?

Why spend hours on the range, and ignore the easy bit – using the untapped power of your mind?

Almost all of the top players have mind coaches, and recognise the critical role they have played in their success.

Mind coaching is not for those who lack mental strength; it is for those who have already proven their resilience in golf, or in any other area of their life.
Successful people are not afraid to discover just how much higher they can climb.

As a medical specialist, best-selling author, NLP Master Practitioner Trainer, MBA, Certified HeartMath® Sports Professional and mind coach on the European Tours I have discovered time after time that the secret to playing great golf is keeping life simple. Just stay in the present. Unfortunately most of us find this about the hardest thing in the world to do. The only answer is to adopt a rock-solid proven system that will work every day, on any course, in any weather, and with whoever you play with.

Does this mean you will shoot a magical score every day? Certainly not — you have no control over bounce, whether a putt drops or just lips out, and how other players score.

Will my system give you the best possible chance of controlling your emotions and finding ‘The Zone', and so playing to the best of your ability on the day? Certainly.

When you walk off the 18th green can you be satisfied that you have done your best, and can feel proud of your efforts, irrespective of your score, rather than beating yourself up? Certainly.

Perhaps you might even have a smile on your face!

Intriguingly can you believe that players who stay in the present and follow the process, have no need to worry about scores or results?

I have studied with the top coaches in the world to discover the elusive secret of ‘Staying in the Present'. Without question it is the key to great golf, and just about everything else in life too. I have also adopted the best from the frequently confusing world of hypnosis, meditation, Zen, NLP, philosophy, psychology, quantum physics, and anything else I could unearth that could possibly propel any golfer to the next level, and welded them to my own system.

The results have repaid these efforts many times over. Not everyone will need to master ALL of these mind coaching secrets, but everyone will enjoy mastering at least ONE to catapult their game to the next level — and one thing is often all it takes. Who knows, it might even have a red dot on it!

Before you commit to discovering just how far you can take your game, ask yourself:

Am I really ready to experiment with new ideas, knowing they have worked for others?
Am I frustrated by how little I have to show for my efforts so far?
Am I ready to say ‘Enough is enough, what have I got to lose?'

Good luck and have fun,
Doc Steve

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  1. Wow! Thank you! Your timing is perfect. I’m just about to start drafting
    the 2nd edition of PMG, and updating it with new material and feedback from
    readers. Now I have a real spring in my step, which I think might be a
    mixed metaphor?

  2. A unique approach that is refreshing and works. Play magic golf a book that
    everyone should read. The golf aspect of it is just a metaphor for life.

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