Titleist CB 714 TaylorMade TP MC Irons

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Titleist CB 714 TaylorMade TP MC Irons compared and reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark hits these two players golf clubs and talks about feel, spin and distance. See which golf club comes out on top and which one might help your golf game improve with some straighter golf shots.

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99johnmatrix says:

Mark get rid of your ez and go back to mp irons

1911CoLt45gov says:

Great Vids Mark keep it up. From Canada.

Russianzombie says:

i prefer the taylomade look myself, but that’s all on personal preference. 

Jonathon Watson says:

Game some TM irons Mark, you know you want too lol.

Mitch Obrien says:

Hi mark,

Was talking to my club pro today about spinning the ball on the greens. I
asked how I would spin my irons back better as today I hit a pitching wedge
from 145 to a flat green and the ball ended 10yards through the back In the
c##p. His reply was that it was the irons im gaming. Im currently using
taylormade burner plus sgi irons. Of everything ive watched, head and read,
ive never read that using sgi irons would effect the amount of backspin a
shot could produce. Is this information true of am I on the receiving end
of a terrible sales pitch.

Thanks for the videos and hours of entertainment!

Sam Hatton says:

Fuck off number police.

Nick Hough says:

Ahem…….if you prefer the ‘squatter’ look of the Titleist CB Mark, you
need to stop resisting your ‘inner pro’ and change your set from those
bludgeoning, bulky oversized Mizunos to the forged/blade ‘esque set you
KNOW you want to play!! :)

ubb4me says:

Speed slot LOL. Remember when Callaway came out with with the same iron
without the slot cut out? It was ugly then as well.

Shawn Schaffer says:

Mark, you seem to be enjoying the Tour Preffered MC’s. I would love to see
a comparison of these to the EZ’s you play, and also maybe to the

Love the work! Also, your shirt looks fine. Haha.

Noah Macomber says:

I would want the titleist, they just look better and I don’t buy into the
speedslot. Just my opinion 

Google-is-a-pain says:

I appreciate Taylormade are trying to push the envelope with innovations
etc. However, I question some of their decisions such as use of the speed
slot. What’s the speed slot going to do for the average player when it
barely makes a difference to one of the great iron players of the world –
Sergio Garcia?

And my memory of the introduction of the speed slot was the slot was to
provide some ‘give’. It’s now filled with a strong resin. Doesn’t that
now defeat the purpose of the slot. You might as well have steel in there
– it wouldn’t be much different.

Jake Bartlett says:

I like how I can here mark breath in when he swings. Such a good trait to
have to help a swing.

David Eaton says:

Can you review the SLDR irons please mark

Marcus Tse says:

Mark, is it possible including the spec of the shaft you were hitting?

ImfamousHunter says:

Better looking players lol. 

Strat TelePaul says:

Have have not gamed the new TM, but the Speedslot did seem to work on the
old Rocketbladez Tours. However, I get similar results with my 2014 AP2’s.

John Clausen says:

I was so close to buying the CBs a few years ago, but I went with the AP2s
instead for the added forgiveness. I will probably always use Titleist
irons. They’re just so good

TheSurfn1080 says:

What device is he using to read the golf ball and provide all that data to
his ipad?

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