Todd Fuhrman on betting Aaron Rodgers, wagering on the MVP | LOCK IT IN

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Todd Fuhrman talks betting pro football with Clay Travis, Cousin Sal and Holly Sonders on today's episode of LOCK IT IN.

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LOCK IT IN makes the avid sports fan more informed about the world of sports betting with an eclectic cast of entertaining, sports-obsessed minds that want to make watching that night’s games as entertaining as possible. Host Rachel Bonnetta is joined by “Cousin Sal” Iacono, Clay Travis and Todd Fuhrman.

Todd Fuhrman on betting Aaron Rodgers, wagering on the MVP | LOCK IT IN

Lock It In

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Lock It In says:

Who will win MVP this season?

BroTako says:

6:51 Holly wants some of Clay.

Biz I Own says:

DAMN!!! Holly looks beautifully sexy

J Brown says:

I have no idea what the men said. I can tell you all about Holly though.

Jaiden L says:

Holly is Gorgeous ..

Repeal the 19th MGTOW says:

This Mangina Cuck actually said Cam Newton should be in the MVP discussion… That guy should get his BBC porn fix before he goes on TV next time.

ziajo says:

I love how Holly window is much bigger to squeeze her assets

raks samouth says:

I'd suck a fart out her ass

jackalwatermelonred says:

That girl fucken hot

cjb cjb says:

I would empty my nutsack on this fine woman, bet she has some good pussy too.

Zer0 Phux says:

The shit I would do to Holly are grade A sins

yamamancha says:

Holly gets clicks….

dougdevine27 says:

Rachel is a way better host. I hope this BS is temporary.

the truth says:

I'd backdoor Holly any day. Raw dawg

Just Another Troll says:

I only came to see Holly Sonders.

Doruk Çelebi says:

backdoor being open LOL

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