Chris Broussard on Isaiah Thomas’ Los Angeles Lakers debut | UNDISPUTED

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Chris Broussard joins Rob Parker, Greg Jennings, Doug Gottlieb and Holly Sonders on Undisputed to discuss Isaiah Thomas' Los Angeles Lakers debut.

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Chris Broussard on Isaiah Thomas' Los Angeles Lakers debut | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED says:

Do you agree with Chris Broussard?

Eric says:

He scored 22 in his debut while barely knowing any plays. This man thinks he can't score 7 more points??? Even once he learns all the plays?? you're crazy

C B says:

There is a regurgitating narrative around IT: "Shut your mouth!" It's not that they don't like him, but obviously his stay in Cleveland really damaged him. Lebron has an uncanny power to make and break players very clandestinely and here is a perfect example. This is a coded media move to control Isaiah. When he talked about what happened behind Cavs closed doors? He shot himself in the foot. Wade said the exact same thing…BUT…he did it very secretly. Only those in the know could read between the lines. You can best believe Lebron told D-Wade what was going down. Wade was probably like: "It was fun my brutha. I'm headed back to Miami. Catch you at the barbecue!" IT doesn't have that re pore with Lebron. EVERYONE in the media is telling him shut up and play. He's just about on his way out of the league if he doesn't just to make an example of him….trust!

Sam707BFBC says:

So this is the guy that Bos gave a tribute to? And he on the Lakers now????

Gabriel Saint-Hilaire says:

Why forget everything but the 6 turnovers? He had 22 points with just 12 shots.

Victor Janssens says:

Lose there shock Roman plate athletic perceive resist architect choice contract gun implement tooth.

lil snupe snupe says:

Worst lineup since 2015 lakers

Probtaylored says:

The guy has only played 15 games. To tell you the truth Clarkson may be younger and more athletic but they are pretty much the same player. IT is a natural point guard. Give the man a shot. You dont average 29 ppg in the NBA and consider yourself a bum.

IkeGee1973 says:

Based on IT's comments and not his game he's a dumb jock.

Earl Dosby says:

Is this another strike on Magic Johnson??? seems like Isaiah and the Lakers dont see eye to eye on who is starting. They bring in a guy without prior understanding he will not start???

Harlond N says:

Subs me please. OMG….I miss Koby. I was so eager to visit Stapel at the time but now….. almost a year never pass the building…haha.

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