Top 10 Best Putts 2016 PGA Tour Season

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Top 10 Putts in the 2016 Season! Putts from Rory Mcilroy, Jason Day, Jordan Speith, Bubba Watson, and more!!



L. Gyger says:

The way these balls roll makes it look like their putting on concrete…

James Vozar says:

Well that last one makes my one and only 14ft put look pretty lame wow

Lisa Ramirez says:

Jason's and Rory's are the longest and most complicated

Gamecock Highlights says:

I am the best

Payne Hill says:

#1 and #2 were from 2015

olasonn says:

Man, that Bubba Watson putt.

Javier Calles Roman says:

Putt great video

Javier Calles Roman says:

There are some putts from the 2015 season

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