Top 10 Moments from The Open Championship at St Andrews

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Joel Dumaresq says:

Had the opportunity to play this course today – speechless at not just the course, but the Wonderfull staff that blew me away. From the gentlemen who run you from the putting green to the club house by golf cart to the friendly and helpful marshals, and the fantastic caddies that really make the experience. It was windy and challenging, but you wouldn't have it any other way.

paul says:

ERIC STENZEL? …………………..     FUCK YOU COCKHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wayne Swisher says:

I Thought it was the British Open not the Open championship.

paxton says:

I hate that rattling sound

Michael Libert says:

what about my main man ol' tom morris??

Bobby Finn says:

What a beautiful place St.Andrews is

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