2000 British Open Championship golf Sunday

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Mitjitsu says:

All in glorious 240p.

Social Assassin says:

he would not only complete the slam but win the next 2 majors after this for the Tiger Slam.

TheLocalLt says:

This was the last time Jim McKay ever traveled overseas for Wide World of Sports (by this point taken over by ESPN)

Finn Michiels says:

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Finn Michiels says:

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Jake Carlisle says:

At 140 tiger has a good support system around him lol

illini00711 says:

Superb music from ABC Sports here…

Luke Palmer says:

intervention Indian minister treaty decide.

T G says:

Duval played great on the front 9, but could not stop the Tiger Train. He got redemption the year after at Lytham. I remember getting up at 3AM Hawaii time growing up to watch this. You dont have the 01 final round with Duval finally getting his major?

O. G. says:

The origin of the club twirl…Mark O'Meara… Haha awesome trivia.

John Bullard says:

i miss this tiger.

Justin Cate says:

I love the ABC Sports theme music for their golf coverage back then

Ohsoqwiik says:

Your the man fierra

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