THESE ARE THE TOP 5 GOLF TIPS THE MOST IMPORTANT DO'S & DON'TS FOR YOUR DRIVER. Now you may make the 5 mistakes, you may only make 1 of them bu ti i have seen that just one tweak to your driver golf swing can allow you to hit the golf ball LONGER & STRAIGHTER. Great to have you on the channel i am Alex Elliott PGA Golf professional & top 5 golf monthly golf coach and this is the moist simplegolf advice for your driver and the TOP 5 DRIVER GOLF TIPS IMPORTANT DO'S & DON'TS!

Enjoy today's video and see you driver downswing improve, reduce your driver slice and driver hook and add around 15 yards to your driver golf swing with a smoother slower golf swing to hit the golf ball further.

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  1. For many people, including myself until recently, the loft of the driver isn't really the main issue although it can definitely make a difference for many, especially seniors. My issue was that my hips were too level on my downswing which was allowing me to spin my hips & turn too fast & not swing up to the ball, but flat which causes a very low ball trajectory. I'm using a 10.5 driver & when I don't let my hips spin open to the target I stay behind the ball & the trajectory is plenty high enough. What really helps is closing my hips at address but keep everything else square. It's not a big change & not hard to do because it's a really small adjustment but makes a big difference in preventing you from spinning by keeping you behind the ball. It also helps to prevent an over the top swing causing the dreaded slice. I find it difficult to come over the top with closed hips. Obviously this isn't a silver bullet & may not help some but it definitely helps me.

  2. I have a big problem with driver when I try to smash it off the tee. I am a short hitter so I am usually trying to kill it with driver. If I swing slow I hit decent. When I try to hit hard it is all over the place.

  3. Another great video Alex, thank you. Following a recent fitting, I was moved to a 12 degree driver from 10.5 as I didn't spin the ball enough, with instant results. Our ego's may not like it guys, but whose looking at the loft on your club? They'll be too busy admiring your drives!

  4. Thanks AE. Yesterday's charity scramble, we finished 2nd by one stroke @-12. Almost every drive we used was mine BUT I still have a continuing problem. Exactly how is the squat move made? When I try what "the move" looks like, it makes me feel disjointed between upper and lower halves: Lacking coordination and losing power. Can you show how the move is made from multiple angles?

  5. Hi Alex, the biggest struggle I have is driver, I typically hit3W off the tee and select the few holes driver is required for. Some go well many slice right and I have a mental block as I know how bad it can be hit.
    Generally game is improving but played yesterday in a stapleford comp at club I have just joined. Three ball normally takes us 3 1/2 hrs yesterday 4:20 held up from 6th hole no thought of letting us through, ruined the rythym of two of us, 3rd player off 16 was +3 for back 9.

  6. Alex – I totally agree with the driver loft suggestion. Just because most PGA Tour pros use a driver loft from 9-10.5 doesn’t mean it’s the best option for everyone – especially golfers with slower swing speeds. I’ve switched to a 12.5 degree loft on my driver, and the improvement was instantaneous.

  7. Best driver tip. Don't use it if you don't need it. Too many people hit driver every hole when it's not needed. Also this is coming from a guy who can't hit a driver worth crap. Lol. Shot my best round ever without driver in the bag. Only dream about how good I would be if I could hit the driver. Lol. Cheers.

  8. Great tips, easy to follow and understand. As I've gotten older I moved up to a 10.5 degree driver and helped immensely. 60 gram shaft or less for the old man also helps.

  9. Always gain something from your tips Alex! I have been utilizing your thumbs up, thumbs down suggestion on certain types of shots and it has been working. I do run into a problem however when it's a very short shot (maybe 20 yards) with flag forward and a very thin lie. Using lofted clubs have been causing chunks. 911!!!! 🙂

  10. Alex, just came from the range and after adjusting my driver from 10.5 to 12.5 and adding slight draw bias, I have no need to look for a new driver. Thanks for the motivation to try something new.

  11. My biggest issue was coming out to in on my swing. Spent ages the other day doing a slower more controlled "in to out" sort of shot. Went super straight and actually gained 10yrds

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