No.1 Trick all Golfers SHOULD use with DRIVER!


I am going to show you how to use the NO.1 driver alignment trick that all golfer need to and should be using to get a SQUARE club face at the start of the golf swing! Using this trick will give you a better chance of having a square club face at impact and helping you hit LONGER straighter golf shots more often!

Key questions that are covered in todays video are: How do you get a square club face? How do you stand to thew golf ball with driver? what is the best way to square the clubface at impact? Square club face with driver to hit longer straighter shots!

In this golf lesson Alex Elliott shows you how to make a great downswing that is on plane and not come over the top to start the golf swing. You have to follow these two simple steps to shallow the club and get the club into the slot on the downswing but also have a square club face at the start of the golf swing and at impact!

Award winning PGA golf Professional Alex Elliott shows you how to stand to the golf ball with driver and the most important factor of getting the driver club head at the start of the swing SQUARE, the NO.1 MOST important skill for hitting longer and straighter golf shots down the fairway.

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20 thoughts on “No.1 Trick all Golfers SHOULD use with DRIVER!

  1. Not bad, but I suck at using lines on my ball. For no lines, when aiming I leave the face about 1 inch behind the ball. Having that gap between the ball and club helps me see where it’s aimed somehow

  2. My best tip for slice is move the club head back from the ball like 3-4 inches. This really helps to hit the ball on the way up instead of down swing forcing you to not have clubface square as to the way up better chance of clubface being squared it helped me a lot

  3. None of this matters if you can't return the clubhead to square when you follow through. If you're open at impact (which most of us hacks are), you're gonna slice. An Orient Express-worth of train tracks isn't gonna solve that.

    I quit golf 9 years ago. Best 9 years of my life ?

  4. It terms of the geometry it doesn't really help to draw a line through the ball. It's about if the club face is square at impact in relation to your swing path.

    No matter what angle your club face is at impact you can draw a parallel line with the club face through the ball 😛

  5. This however doesn't really help you address your problem of not being able to square your Club face to the ball yeah you can imagine two train tracks but if you don't have your swing right don't fucking matter you're going to have a slice or a hook or whatever so this isn't really a very useful trick you need to figure your swing out before this is any damn good just saying

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