Top 5 Drives: 2018 World Long Drive Championship

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Watch all the monster drives from the 2018 Volvik World Long Drive Championship.

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T Man says:

Can someone explain to me how these are long drive specialists using illegal clubs, and yet tiger woods, Mclleroy and they dechaub guy all have 400 yard + drives? Like.. they’re way longer than these guys. I don’t get it?

Jesse Wang says:

Man look at that plane distance !

Vxrtil says:

Just tap it in, just taaaaaap it in!

M S says:

I’m not into golf but every comment section of every video I’ve watched the past hour is all Happy references 😂

Corek BleedingHollow says:

Damn, he got beat by one yard. That must've pissed him off

Olivier Canameras says:

ce n'est plus du golf qui est un jeu fin.

MushroomCloud71 says:

where tf are there 2020s????

Zach Galante says:


TheJaseku says:

1 yard = 0,9144 meter

Andulas is says:

As a nongolfer, i honestly thought people would shoot much further lol

Samuel Atienzo says:

Americans when surprised and trying to make things more exciting:

Cesar Ortiz says:

I feel like I can do the same thing I was wrecking that ball at what ever place hitting the fence

Horse - says:

I can hit it 300 yards and I thought that was a lot 390 is freaking insane.

T C says:

Dechambeau will easily outdrive any of these clowns

Hope Flaggs says:

The shiny fine corroboratively knock because softball reversely marry mid a fresh random. expensive, wholesale ease

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