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Are you thinking about investing in a new driver for 2020? In this best drivers 2020 video, Neil Tappin puts his five favourites up against eash other in a series of head-to-head challenges. By breaking his review down into five categories – looks, feel, performance, value and verdict – he hopes to shed light on the best drivers 2020. Of the five top performers he has chosen, which one will come out on top?

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29 thoughts on “BEST DRIVERS 2020 I Golf Monthly

  1. This isn't rocket science and nothing particularly new, why are drivers this much money! Sponsorship of top pros is harming the amateur game in my opinion……

  2. When you are doing the sound test you should take the microphone off your jacket and put it beside the ball. Can only hear your jacket and breathing

  3. This is the first review I’ve seen where the Cobra SpeedZone performed the worst. I guess this shows that it’s worth getting fit for your specific preferences.

  4. "Looks" is not part of what makes a "best" driver' "Looks" is purely subjective and since it is included in this video, it renders this video useless.

  5. if you are going off the shelf Ping makes a great proprietary shaft. All others put a watered-down "made for" shaft in their drivers.

  6. Thanks for the review and I know that this was just your recommendation, however distance means nothing if you can't find the fairway.
    One test that you and so many other reviewers miss is the dispersion.
    I know we will all swing differently, however if all the clubs were performing so similar in terms of distance, surely the thing that would be the decider would have to be the one that had the tightest dispersion??????

  7. How can this be a driver shootout and you say "THIS INCLUDES A PAID PROMOTION" at the beginning? Unless it's just your clothing – footjoy. And that would be fine. Please let us know. Cheers.

  8. Belated comments….missing too many other top options. To generate convincing data that might allow for more meaningful conclusions, a robot must be used with a range of shafts and swing speeds being used for each club being tested. Not a simple task. As always, still an interesting analysis. Thanks.

  9. Great video! GET READY FOR GOLF – Order your Practice & Progress Printable to help you get the most from your range time and track your improvements throughout the golf season.

    Includes TIPS on how to improve your practice time and ‘Why most golfers have it all wrong’.

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  10. TXG shows the Cobra SZ Xtreme and standard Cally Mavrik demolishing all of these. Maybe try the same shaft in each head for a true comparison…

  11. Covered performance ….. how about FORGIVENESS…. deserves a category by itself
    Would appreciate another, at least an opinion, best club for seniors

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