11 thoughts on “Top 5 F1 Drivers

  1. fangio was driving in a way diffrent time, a time were they didnt even use techniques like heel and toe downshifting and were cars had way less horsepower etc

  2. Epic music. There are much more deserving drivers though, Jim Clark for example, and Graham Hill, Look at what he did for BRM in the early '60s. Not to mention breaking both his legs then racing before he fully recovered. Stirling Moss should be in there somewhere too, quite possibly the greatest driver never to be crowned champion. Finished runner-up 4 seasons in a row, 3 times to Fangio and once to Mike Hawthorn.

  3. Good list, but i would have put Schumacher first then Senna but hey the debate between people about these two will go on till the end of time! Senna was robbed of the chance to put beyond doubt his greatness while if Schumy wins an 8th WC with merc while in his 40s he will be very difficult to look past

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