Most All-Time Race Wins – F1 Drivers, 1950-2020

70 years of F1 Grands Prix – here is a look at the drivers who have set the all-time record for most race wins down the years…

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22 thoughts on “Most All-Time Race Wins – F1 Drivers, 1950-2020

  1. Records are there to be beaten therefore they are pointless because they will continue to be broken until the end of time

    That’s one of the reasons why people shouldn’t go by records because it doesn’t show the true greatness from a racer

    Michael Schumacher will always be the greatest racer of all time regardless of records the reason why Schumacher is the greatest is because he had to fight for his world titles, he wasn’t always in the best car, he raced against 13 world champions and beat them all and he rebuilt a broken Ferrari team and turned them into the most successful team in the sports history

    end of

  2. The mere fact that Hamilton is 5 wins away from that iconic 100 mark and knowing it won't end there is both scary and exciting.

  3. Schumacher, Hamilton, Vettel, Prost, Lauda is my top 5

    in that order

    Senna, Alonso, Hakkinen, Mansell, Hill complete the top 10

  4. Ask the drivers who have drove the old V10 cars an the new cars which car is the easiest to drive. An go back to the even older cars an they were even harder to drive that's why the older drivers will always be regarded as better than lewis he would of wet himself in the V10 years an gone home crying after trying to keep up with Alonso Schumacher an Mika

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