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The Tour Striker Smart Ball is such a useful training aid. The fact it's been designed with a strap so it never flies off after you hit your shot is brilliant thinking from Martin Chuck and his team.

If you're interested in learning more about the modern rotational swing……

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William Ahlers says:

I find it very difficult to move in the take away, meaning the feeling is very stiff. I am totally disappointed with this training aid.

sjgraci says:

I've used this with Bubba Watson's caddy, Ted Scott. It's a bit clunky but it works well to ingrain a one piece takeaway and rotation.

Kevin Johnson says:

Hi Dan, great review, I’m still getting to grips with my one. I’d like to see you review the eyeline golf speed trap training aid, I’ve just got mine and I’m hoping it will help me focus on my swing path, keep up the good work

Supra_X_Gixxer says:

cheers for the review dan – i really could use with practicing with this…but i don't wanna put a penny in martin chucks hand so I will have to find an alternative lol

David Ramsay says:

shotscope V2 would be interesting (I'm using it)

john evans says:

Hi Dan, take a look at Live View Golf camera gadget, it's had such a positive affect on my practice sessions.

Trevor Allison says:

Hi Dan I would like to see what you think of the sure sent training aid by Dan Frost

hbyrdut says:

This isn't really a training aid but I would like to see you review the shotscope V2.

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