The driver you need to try in 2024

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28 thoughts on “The driver you need to try in 2024

  1. Thanks for the review Andy! I have replaced my complete Mizuno set last year by the JPX923 Hot Metal irons, T24 wedges and STz230 Driver/woods/hybrids. That was a serious investment which I am very happy with!! My STz230 driver works great for me. ????????I simply can't afford to change my clubs with the speed the manufacturers bring out 'new' editions. Next new driver will be over 6 years or so….

  2. Hi Andy, thinking of changing my whole bag up this year and this is top of my list to try now I’ve seen this, thanks Andy keep up the great videos ????️‍♂️????️‍♂️⛳️⛳️????????????????????????

  3. Andy I so much enjoy your no BS take on the clubs you review. I (and this is not a slight) enjoy seeing someone more "average" like most of us. Thanks again and God Speed

  4. Not to forget the price point, And, which puts it firmly in the 'more affordable', 'not quite stupidly expensive' category along with Cobra, PXG and Wilson.

  5. I rate the videos and The Average Golfer in general, but this video is at odds with his recent video about the new 2024 Ping driver. Ultimately this is all a money making racket on golf equipment. It’s marketing more than anything else, ultimately the best improvements you can make year on year is in the mirror.

  6. Got to agree with you Andy. That is a stunning looking driver and would certainly suit my game. Unfortunetly I bought a new driver 18 months ago and at the rate I play, it will be another 10 years before I'm due to upgrade. I've had a JPX driver in the past and it was a beast, but difficult to control. They really have come a long way, and all the improvements ought to put them in the top 5 drivers on the market today.

  7. Played Mizuno drivers for ages now. JPX 825, Gt 180 and ST220Z. The improvement over the years has been incredible. Tempted to upgrade again after this review.

  8. Love Your tests Andy, because all numbers are relatable to us handicap golfers, instead of some "pro" bombing it 300+ yards out. Amngoing to try this one in the beginning of february and it might just find my bag, and yes it looks incredible too.

  9. Very nice numbers Andy! I'd like to try out a number of models, this one included, and see which one maxes out my carry. I'll bring my current driver to see if it makes sense to upgrade.

  10. Hmmm…it's been a couple of models since I've tried Mizuno…I think it was the Z, with sliding weights all over the place. Mizuno has definitely upped their driver game! So far it kind of seems like 2024 drivers are eliminating more of the sliding weights in lieu of fixed weights? Generally. Anyway, those numbers look great….sooooo….does this beat out the Mini Driver for you?? I've decided to go with shorter length woods this year as an experiment, and even built out a driver shaft a tad under 44 … we'll see how it goes once my part of the globe thaws out…until then it's just me tinkering for the sake of tinkering. 🙂

  11. Are you hitting stiff shafts? With your clubhead speed maybe a regular shaft. It may straighten you out and give you a little more carry. Most pros I have talked to recommend regular shafts under 100 MPH.

  12. Would really like to see you do a comparison of this driver, the Ping G430 Max 10k, the TM Qi10 Max, and the PXG Black Ops. How forgiving did you find the Mizuno for off center hits and did it maintain ball speed on mis hits?

  13. exactly what I needed to see Andy ! Been looking out for a new driver, been gaming Mizuno for over 10 years from wedge to driver and this time I was hesitating to shop elsewhere for the big dog.

    TSR2 and Ping G425 Max – yes, the old one – were the ones I was looking into at the moment but this might change my mind and stay with Mizuno ! ????

  14. Looks incredible mate
    Got my new AI Smoke Max today. Incredible. 20 yards more carry than my Rogue. Less spin and more roll out .
    Would love to see you do some comparison between all the new drivers

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