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Understanding The Fundamentals Of Biomechanics With JJ Rivet

In Part 3 of this series of videos with The European Tour's Biomechanics Expert, Jean Jacques Rivet, JJ explains the fundamentals of biomechanics for the golf swing.

He talks through the 5 key fundamentals…

– Footwork
– Creating and maintaining energy
– Disassociation of different body parts
– Releasing energy
– Speed of movement

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freowho says:

He mentioned in another video that running is bad for golf. This is key. But it's not running that's the problem. It's running or walking on a hard surface with a modern shoe. Sand or soft grass in bare feet is good because the foot sinks into the surface and you move into the hips. Steps can also be good as long as people are planting their heels. Hitting golf balls won't fix these problems. You have to change the way you move all the time.

Gary Wilson says:

Best explanation of current best practice golf mechanics I have seen. Thanks for a superb video. Cheers.

Clive Johnston says:

great information reminds me allot of what Mike Austin talks about.

Brian B says:

fascinating – weight distribution and a pause is great to know

vincent riquier says:

Yes, I really liked this video and found it very interesting, not to say, solid. Thank you.

Dr JML says:

These biomechanic focused videos are what I think has stopped me from accomplishing any significant and long term improvement. Keep it up Dan. Thanks, Joel

Patrick Metzgar says:

Where is the molanari video you talked about??

John Gilligan says:

This is the best video I've seen, now I fully understand how it all pieces together, from the ground up, excellent!!!

Rohit Das says:

Getting the bio mechanic movement correct is vital for you to produce an efficient swing. Breaking it down into manageable segments for an amateur golfer to gain an understanding is a great way for us to conceptualise a good swing. Thanks Dan.

Valentin Degen says:

Awesome insights! Coiling / Disassociation were eye-openers! Thanks, Dan!

tonyv75 says:

This is a really valuable series, as always. Thanks Dan. Do you plan to include some biomechanical measures or physical limitations into your teaching? How are finding implementing the feedback to draw rather fade?

jpugolf says:

This is real in depth stuff. It's great to see a top coach like Dan still learning and passing this info on

David Purves says:

Great video Dan , very interesting stuff.👍 can’t help thinking jj sounds like the French policeman in Allo Allo though.

Ben green says:

Really great insight into bio mechanics ~ How to play better ~ avoid future injuries and enjoy the game for a long time.👍👍

Truth Of The Matter says:

I love a science based approach to the swing like this. I definitely feel like I have the tendency to get on my toes too much in the swing.

Eugene Kennedy says:

Another gem…!….correct lower half separation crucial…..if hips move forward on the way down rather than rotate …you will create the perfect shank !! 😄 Great set of videos highlighting the fact that even if the viewer knows what to do with their swing ..biomechanically ..their bodies may NOT physically be able to do it due to lack of flexibility / mobility.

Jason Little says:

Great video Dan and JJ. Really enjoyed this series. Great analogy from JJ about the bow and arrow, really puts the obvious into perspective, its amazing how seldom we actually stop to think of the obvious in some instances (I speak for myself but suspect I am not alone)

Harry Korver says:

thank you for the explanation at the end of the vid. as a non/native speaker understanding mr Rivet is quit difficult

Mitchell Blades says:

loved this,my leg foot and knee cave in.. take a look at my latest golf video… im definitely going to work on keeping that tension! well… when it stops raining of course 🙁

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