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When you are chipping on an uphill sloped, what do you have to watch out for? Most frequently asked question is whether you should “match your shoulders to the slope of the hill?”
In today’s lesson, I will break it down for you so you can get up and down from an uphill lie around the greens!

I hope you enjoy!
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Filmed at our beautiful Upland Hills CC



Ryan Tsui says:

Probably a less common scenario but how would this change for a shot on a downhill slope?

C'Ville Cane says:

I had this shot yesterday (30 yds, could see half the pin) and got enough of it right to make it my shot of the day. I was trying to remember what Aimee said to do and remembered to hold my weight into the hill and loosen my hands at contact. I heard the sound of a light click. It was the sound of a symphony. It felt like the clubhead was pulling me up the grade to the target post contact. Thank you Aimee Cho.

lovetogolf says:

Up and IN!! Nice Shot

Margy Torres says:

Great tip! Worked for me recently…exact same lie, grass and fast green…and soft pop in it went! Thanks!!

Rob Rider says:

I have probably watched hundreds of videos I have leaned more in the last couple days watching your channel I just have to say your a great teacher of golf made it click for me thanks for all you do!!! Trail foot video made it click

pakseng lip says:

What about the address of the club face on this shot.? with the blades of the grass pointing towards your club face is it better to hover the club leading edge to better able hit the ball clean to prevent from hitting fats or thins… thank you for your advice..

Larry Letcher says:

Thank you Aimee. Great lesson that was put to use immediately w/ success. Would you consider doing a video on downhill lies?

FairwayJack says:

another gem Aimee !!

Eric Takahashi says:

You definitely have a gift for teaching and explaining things in a way that it can be understood and applied by the average person watching the video. other instructors often talk positions or body parts like P4 or wrist extension/flexion or ulnar deviation or showing a pro's position at impact(when he's swinging thru at 115 mph!) … all of which doesn't help the average golfer improve his swing or play better golf. Playing high level golf and teaching/explaining facets of golf in a way that people can understand and benefit from are totally different. You are definitely a great teacher/instructor.

S1lv3rMist says:

Oh the short game.. I love it.. Y'eh narrow stance weight forward soft hands, then pick your club.. 9 iron- sand depending.. xx

Steddygolf Sloan says:

Yet another great lesson Aimee.

Kingly Done says:

Checkn in from Santa Barbara…good instructions as usual.

Geoff McMillian says:

I love uphill chip shots. I go with my 54 or 62, depending on the angle, and land the ball as if I were simple dropping it on the green. As always, great video Aimee.

Julie Gagnon says:

Great lesson…thank you. You’re a very very good teacher.

Douglas Clark says:

Fancy a game at Turnberry?

aresbe says:

I've been waiting for this lesson. Well worth the wait. Makes perfect sense after your instruction. Thanks and walk in beauty.

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