Wales fans chanting "Wales, golf, Madrid" to Gareth Bale

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Jon Uvuvue says:

Que canalla

georgetm2 says:

Ex Madrid player Mijatovic told the Spanish press that he thought Bale's priorities were Wales, Golf then Madrid. This was then shown in the Welsh press and the Welsh fans thought they would have fun with it, it was all over social media and that's where the chant came from. It was nothing to do with insulting Madrid. It is just a joke the media don't understand because they never asked anyone in Wales about it.

Robert Jones says:

Longyfyrchiadau Cymru ar cyrraedd Ewro 2020 Da iawn chi gan cefnogwr o ymyl Penmachno a Betws y Coed.

Will R says:

I don’t get it can someone explain

Marco Peláez Fernández says:

Luckily for Gareth the Welsh fans can hardly speak English as you can hear so Real Madrid won't understand

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