Watch This BEFORE Buying New Golf Clubs!!!

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Watch This BEFORE Buying New Golf Clubs!!! buying new golf clubs can be very enjoyable and is a great way to improve your golf game… if done correctly. In this video I talk you through 5 steps you need to go through before spending your hard earned money on new expensive golf clubs. will you be looking at a Taylormade m5, taylormade m6, cobra f9, Callaway epic flash, vokey wedges, scotty Cameron putter, Mizuno irons, taylormade hi toe wedges? maybe you just want to copy your favourite player and use clubs such as TIGER WOODS WITB, DUSTIN JOHNSON WITB, RORY MCILROY WITB, or maybe you want the best golf clubs of 2019, the best driver of 2019, best irons of 2019, best putter of 2019. sometimes you want the best driver for mid handicaps, other times the longest driver of 2019… either way… don't spend your money before watching this video… lets do it… and lets do it now!

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Jason Issel says:

Well good for you, living it up with all your pro buddies at all the rich people places, that I could only see standing at the fence. I will spend the rest of my life, minus maybe a vacation here and there, playing one or two local courses, and you, the elitiest are sitting here telling me to be happy with crappy clubs, because of all the courses I will never play at. Here is my thumb down for what I think of that.

Jonathan Shepherd says:

Hi James, sorry my comments will be out of date but I am making my way through your back catalogue.
I have recently got rid of a mish mash set and bought a brand new starter set Callaway X2 hot driver, 3 wood, 5 hybrid, 6 to sw. Then supplemented with some 2nd hand off eBay. A 9 wood which is the best club in the bag. Great video

Willy Wantoknow says:

Best game i ever played was on a terribly kept course; the greens ranged from mucky to dried up lake bed. Me and my mates were laughing so hard we were hurting. Hitting the green after your ball pulles a Jesus on top of water and complete blind chips that go in the hole.. ⛳ have to say company with friends is priceless.

fastfredy b says:

Completely new here, so do I buy a complete set or by specific clubs like a driver, putter, and 1 iron?? Or is that crazy talk??

emJay ! says:

Best golf day, went out with 3 friends who are much better than me, and played national junior championships, and hit a hole in one! Now none of them claim to remember it! twats!!

offwhite roshes says:

this video did not help me at all or teach me anything. save yourself the time and watch a different one.

Sam Chen says:

should be more direct to the point

DarthTrunky says:

Best day….. every round i play with my dad

Dyou Tube says:

If you buy clubs like 3 years old, every year, then you can get new clubs every year and virtually never lose money.

Joseph Rye says:

I just spent $20 in a Taylormade r1. Face and head kind of beat up, but not effecting performance. Really light shaft, was crushing it on the simulator. Brought it home googled the shaft, possibly a $500 shaft

Ian Bellomo says:

The most fun I’ve had is spending time with my buddies!

Rick O'Shay says:

Lee Trevino said: "Believe me, it's the Indian, not the arrows". He was right.
I was an amateur international, and won County and National Championships with second hand clubs. They suited me of course, but the point is that if they do, then hang on to them and don't change for the sake of some shiny new sticks. Remember, ALL THAT GLISTERS IS NOT GOLD.

Paul Smith says:

Can't afford new irons as I have children and now the Ping i500 and P790 are on eBay for about £500 I'm looking!!!

Johny Jackson says:

I went to a driving range in Burnley yesterday not been for about 5 years and not played on a proper corse for 13 years. I started off rubbish but was soon clearing the netting at the 250yard mark I was hitting it as far as a guy with expensive titalist clubs his driver probably cost £300+ my driver is a sports direct one lol illegal rebel or something close probably cost me £30.

David Segal says:

We drank a beer a hole my first week playing golf. The back nine were interesting.

Chester Morningstar says:

James, really enjoy your videos. I think i have to disagree with some of your comments in this one though. Sometimes equipments doesnt "work". Take your recent second hand club challenge. That low spin 440cc driver didnt work for you. Then, IMO Vokey wedges do wear out. Theres definite decrease in spin rates after prolonged term use.
Golf is finicky. You have to like the look of your tools. But then theres, feel, performance, confidence. Heck even a ball change can change the feel off the club face. Cheers. And………..CLUBS!!! (4 videos of that and its becoming a habit)

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