WE RANK THE BEST DRIVERS OF 2023 – and pick a winner!

In this video we look at the most popular golf drivers in 2023 and put them up against each other in a huge test.

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22 thoughts on “WE RANK THE BEST DRIVERS OF 2023 – and pick a winner!

  1. Have tried Mizuno drivers in the past as I play their irons and wedges but the models I looked at last year sat very open to my eye at address. (Which was not good for me). Will try the new Max head they plan to launch soon as supposed to be very forgiving and long. (If you believe the marketing stuff !)

  2. The most used driver on tour is the TSR3 by Titleist, followed by Callaway Triple Diamond and Ping G430 LST, but Titleist didn't make your list at all. 🙂 hmmmm

  3. Went from a JPX900 to an ST200 and the step between those was amazing. I'm looking at an ST-X230 on sale that Ill be asking for as a Christmas gift

  4. I used a Mizuno driver back in the day and it was the best driver I ever had. 20 years later, I do not doubt they make the best driver without anyone knowing.

  5. Very very well done! I enjoy seeing a reviewer who is much more representative of the average golfer regardless of country. Mizuno makes excellent clubs. They are forgiving, feel terrific, and are long enough to not notice any drop-off comparatively speaking. It is great to see you not fall for the flash or marketing and just give a straight forward, honest, best bang for your buck review. Great job. Thank you.

  6. I am a single-digit handicap player. Many YouTubers recommended Mizuno, I tried them all, the reliability of a driver on course depends on its shaft, not the head. Mizuno has too low spin which is not the best choice for me. I prefer the ball can climb up during the flight so it can reach 270 yards at 100 club speed. G430 gives more spin and it drives the ball further in my swing system.

  7. Impressive distance results for the Mizuno, considering all the more that they have the shorter shaft. 3/4 in shorter than the others as standard. Well done.

  8. Why were you shocked? Mizuno always made great drivers. Just because they don't spend huge amounts on marketing, it doesn't mean they're no good.

  9. Very good review fair comments on all the drivers I would like to try out the mizuno, and the taylormade to see what I will be going for my next driver.

  10. So you put the Cobra at the bottom because of the shiny top, yet you put the Para/dym at the top ,even though it''s got a shiny top…. hmmmm

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