This is ALMOST the Perfect Driver!

Rick Shiels reviews the latest COBRA AEROJET DRIVERS FOR 2023


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30 thoughts on “This is ALMOST the Perfect Driver!

  1. I tried all the new drivers at the start of the year before hurting my back and having back surgery and the only driver that preformed better for me on ball dispersion was the Callaway Paradym. However this was only slightly better on dispersion and my Cobra F9 still went further. In recovery I ended up adding 8g of lead tape to the heel and I am now drawing the ball and hit further than ever. The F9 is staying in my bag for a very long time and I have a back one if it breaks!!
    Totally agree Rick on the 3 weight option.. they would had killed the market with this!! Love your reviews!

  2. First off great review. Love your videos. Love my AeroJet LS. Went for a fitting a little over a month ago. Increased my average drive by 12.3 yards from my previous driver Taylor Made SIM. During the fitting, I also tried the Taylor Made Stealth 2 Plus, Ping G430, and the Callaway Paradym, and the numbers came out with the Cobra AeroJet LS being the best for my swing. It also brought my spin rate down 698 rpms. Went with the 9 degree loft, but increased it to 10.5 degrees, went with the Kai'li Blue 60 S shaft. I explained to my fitter that I wanted to avoid the snap hook, as that was costing me strokes. I have the 12g weight in the heel and the 3 gram weight in the toe. The reason there are 3 different models, is the AeroJet Max is draw biased, the LS is fade biased and the standard AeroJet is neutral. I disagree from the standpoint of having 3 weights in 1 version. I think Cobra got it right with 3 different drivers. I also do not even notice the design you didnt care for by the shaft, but it was a great observation on your part. Until I watched your review I did not even see it . This is my first Cobra Driver and I love it. Thanks for all of your videos. They are really informative.

  3. I agree with your assessment and it's odd that cobra went this route considering Cobra literally made a hybrid with the 3 weight setup (toe, heel and back) called the Cobra King TEC (2021). This would give us optimal customization of our club if they put weights on all 3 sides. I did however end up purchasing the Aerojet Max since I slice pretty often and I will say that it works wonders. I now hit it straight or with 0 – 20 yard draw from my target. It is extremely rare for my to slice the Aerojet max unless I strike it off the heel with a bad swing. I've even hit the Aerojet Max on the far toe side with very little negative consequence which is amazing compared to my Cobra Fly XL. So far I love the max and how much it has improved my drive both with accuracy and distance.

  4. I’m upgrading from my Cobra Fly-z plus to the AeroJet this year . I agree, Cobra should just make one driver with three settings. What I love about my fly-z, you could put the weight in front or back, and adjust the loft.

    I guess the LS would be right for me, since I play my Fly-Z with the weight in front and set to 8.5 degrees. Cobra makes some amazing equipment, so very underrated as a brand.

  5. Great review Rick,I’m looking for a new driver at the minute,ur vids are brilliant and ur reviews are so honest….I’m edging towards the ping driver…

  6. Just wondering what if you sell the drivers you no longer use. I currently hit a titleist 975j i need an upgrade bad and cant afford the price on new drivers or used new. So just figured id ask. Thank you for your time.and love your videos

  7. I actually was able to speak to a Cobra representative and they said that the CNC milled face was removed because the combination of it and the pwr bridge actually made the face TOO fast; it would have been an illegal driver

  8. Just yesterday I finally found a reasonably priced 2nd hand F9 to upgrade from my $40 RAM driver I've had for over a decade. Never hit a premium brand driver before. After a couple bad hits, I hit that sucker center face and it shot off like a rocket straight down the gut. That sounds and feeling was incredible. Can't wait to get out and play with it.

  9. The problem I see with your last take on the opportunity you say they missed is that your looking at it from the perspective of the consumer or user and the company is looking at it from the stand point of how do we make the users have to by more drivers for what they want it to do – but I am a little cynical when it comes to what motivates sales as compared to what would be best for the consumer

  10. Yah i don't get it from a product portfolio standpoint to have these 3 different drivers. The end consumer is just confused about which driver they should get. There is no price variant either, so consumer has a friction point on deciding which product is best for them. Your thoughts on having 3 weights, is exactly what i was saying about the ltdx (2022 model). I spent hours digging into what the heck LS and Max variants actually meant. I have a bit of a slice so went with the LS. But I was hesitant because should my slice start to correct itself that club draw might night be so advantageous anymore. Give the premium product line the option for all three weights and keep the product line branding a flagship for years to come rather then swapping new flagship branding every year.

  11. Surely you could then say the same thing for all the new drivers. One option with multiple weight positions. Feels a little disingenuous to single out cobra for this. ??‍♂️

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