We Tried to Hit John Daly's Famous ZERO Iron!

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The John Daly Zero Iron might be the hardest golf club to hit, so we're having amateur golfers give it a shot to see how they do!


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Could you hit the infamous John Daly 0 Iron? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


Golficity says:

Watch us attempt Jack Nicklaus' famous 1-iron shot next ➡https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Omq0p-EFLfI

Dave Kearney says:

I have a zero iron but i call it a putter.

Thomas Kirchmann says:

Drive only counts if it's off a beer can.

Fred Thiess says:

I carry a -2 iron (negative 2 iron) and I hit everything right into the damn ground just like you're supposed to. So when it happens I know exactly why and don't stand there like a jackass afterwards looking dumbfounded. Takes out all the guess work. I only pull it out when I'm playing bad, which is pretty much every other hole or more.

Rey Ray says:

I once played 9 holes with a guy who only had 3 clubs. He had a zero iron, 9 iron, and a putter. I was a 10 handicap at the time and long story short he beat me by 3 strokes. It was a crazy day to say the least.

Peter D says:

On one of the few occasions Daly visited my country, I took the opportunity to watch him play; I really wanted to see him rip his driver. But he'd just started his 'play irons-only' period, so that's what he did, I was very disappointed. He was paired with Norman and Woosnam, and was only just behind their drives with this zero iron.

Randall King says:

I have a Jack Nicholas 2 iron. I am terrified not to hit it pure 😂 At 62 with arthritis it pains me to do otherwise.A good hit for me is around 200+ yards

PWL1371 says:

I'm a long iron hitter and would absolutely love to hit this one time. John Daly was one of my favorite golfers back in the day!!

Gary Pacholek says:

I used to always have a 1iron for every set of irons that I used, but a 0 iron ?

Rudo says:

Omg. None of those guys can actually play golf. And then comes the caddy and hits it like a pro! Great job mr caddy!!!

KingDeron says:

My body hurt’s watching these guys swing 😅

Hunter says:

I worked at Wilson when these were designed, I actually was the lead engineer on this project. I still have one of them. Had to teach daly how to use it, I was crushing 400 yards all day long. He could never come close but we agreed to keep it a secret in exchange for $500k a year. I actually have a buddy who used a -1 iron back in the day. 500 yards easily. Would typically just play 2 holes as one, ignoring the hole of the first green. Actually got a hole in one at 600 yards, shot completely over the 6th hole and dunked it at the 7th once. Had a little breeze helping.

Darren Dwyer says:


Elote King says:

Damn I where was that when I used to play golf?! I would always tee off with a 5 iron and do pretty good with it. I hate drivers

Dan Story says:

My 1 iron was 11° and 40". Back in my youth, it was my 305 shot. Nowadays, my driver is my 305 shot.

Ariel Mendoza says:

How can I buy one of these clubs?

SR says:

Maybe dumb question but why not use a 3 wood?

stephn phleps says:

I still carry and play my tommy driving iron. I tee off with either that or my 2i. I don’t carry any woods. haven’t replaced my dci’s because no one make long irons anymore

Bjorn Bergen says:

Learning to play golf in the late 60s then high school golf late 70s one irons were quite common,
I carried one for years my dad called it the stroke saver, for when you driver went bad.

In highschool and college it was always in my bag. My favorite club was my ping 2 wood.
When lynx made the black cat the one got replaced with a 2 iron.

Scott Rackley says:

As a lefty that plays right, I have never had a problem hitting any long iron. I just can't putt for shit.

Jeff williams says:

The golfers should switch places w/ the caddie

Rich Mahogany says:

Wonder why drivers even exist if this thing is available

TallCoolDrink says:

If it was 0.5 I can hit it.

Liljcotchxy Backup says:

What app did you use to tracer the ball with distance and information on it ?

Whistling Rock says:

Ya I used to have a “Driving Iron “ also. But it was before John Daily

Follow Media says:

1:47 a bit toe..more like chunked the f out of it lol

The Town Drunk says:

He used this, along with his driver, to make the 630 yard par 5 17th at Baltustrol in 2.

TheHappyBachelor says:

3:40 Thats what she said.

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