2022 BOMB drives but they go increasingly farther off the tee

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Check out PGA TOUR players hitting drives in 2022 that go increasingly farther off the tee, starting at 351 yards, including some of the PGA TOUR's biggest hitters, Rory McIlroy, Justin Thomas and Jon Rahm.

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John Browning says:

hit it downwind and down a hill, what a lame video

Crazy Buttboarding Guy says:

man back in 90's 300 was considered insane and now were breaking 400 is just absolute madness.

1ShotKyle says:

When you guys going to upgrade your visuals 1080p seriously ?

S Pahad says:

If I was in power, "mashed potatoes" would be an automatic 30 years at a work camp

TheDomain16 says:

Ball speed is 50+ slower than the longer drivers.

PGA golf says:

스윙이 넘 멋있네요^^ 영상 잘 보고 있습니다. 감사합니다!

Larry Sorenson says:

I am switching to my dad’s old persimmon McGregor woods. This way i have an excuse for not hitting them as far as the other guys. I bet it does not change my scores at all. I suppose I’ll have to practice long irons now.

Joesatgolf says:

Fairways look like carpet

ThePanamaCollection1 says:

I got a backache just watching this video…..

Barrie M says:

Most of these guys fly the ball 290 yds, which is impressive in its own right. But the pros are spoiled because most public courses I've played on over the years you don't get 40-50 yds of roll when it lands.

nsxdarin says:

my bladed bunker shots but they get increasingly closer to the clubhouse grill

Rennie Ash says:

It's so nice when the tee stays put and doesn't get ripped out of the ground

John’s travel adventure says:

I could do without the nascar video game themed music

twite says:

Can’t believe my pitching wedge from 50 yards out isn’t on here

Stefano Maniscalchi says:

What is this hype and fixation about Rory.The media wants him to become the second Tiger but he is not.He is a very good player but at his level or even better, nowadays there are in the world an other 6-7 players

バクシーサ says:

I know what's inside the m1911.

Don says:

I'd sure love to play at a course where your drives roll out 100+ yards…I reckon I'd hit one 350.

Conway Adams says:

Love to LIV
LIV to love

Suckenzie Kok says:

I would like to see not only carry but total, cause most of these driver were downhill with 100y roll. So If that rorrys was 350 carry total is like 450. And If that first drive was 350 total, thats not even impressive, Even me can do 350 total

TheTeeBox says:

2022 Ricky still rocking a F9 cobra? i don't think so….

Anthony Escamilla says:

Came to see a 9 minute Bryson complication then I realized 2 things. 1- he’s at the LIV, 2 – the LIV wouldn’t use downhill shots with the wind helping you.

JETBYE says:

the correct spelling is further

Brad Donoghue says:

Drives that finish in the rough don't count

roul3688 says:

Too bad Bryson isn’t in the PGA anymore

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