What are the best drivers of all time?

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In the final instalment of our mini driver series The Doc take a trip down memory lane and talks us though his top-5 drivers of ALL TIME.

This video is just one episode of our new driver mini series. You can watch the full series here
► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3f7sAo334I&list=PLtE3RTUYi6v-Kx1zrsF5WXZfY2Jp42AYW

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oatechaosincycles says:


Riley95 says:

Is this just a way to get rid of all the cheap old drivers 👀😂

Jeff Nahass says:

Turty too rounds in turty too days? Nice! I can play golf every day.

londonstilo says:

How the hell did you play 32 rounds in 32 days!?! That last round must have been excruciating!

oliver mc elroy says:

Greetings from Red Hand Tyrone Donal ✋ loved the Video's, very informative…Never loose that enthusiasm very contagious 👍

John Costello says:

10th Hole in Balinrobe. Great hole. Great course.

Carlos Crawford says:

Good job 👍🏾

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