We Take a look at my Top 5 Drivers for around £100 going into 2020 and why each one has its own unique personal quality to it.
Let me know if you think I got it right!?

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20 thoughts on “TOP 5 DRIVER'S AROUND £100 GOING INTO 2020

  1. Updated 4.17.23

    ✔️Ping G
    ✔️Nike SQ
    — Mizuno ST 180 (pending)
    ✔️M2 ‘16

    Collecting drives & fairways…fun stuff!


  2. I have been looking for clips on the Mizuno MX 950 and MX 1000. I am a senior with a high handicap. I would think the 950’s are for a better golfer. I can’t find decent videos on them or how they compare, can you enlighten me?

  3. Would you fit somebody who have bought a secondhand driver I think there is a market for this as they are becoming so expensive for the new models.

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